Kate John Reviews Deep Oscillation

"I purchased a Deep Oscillation device two years ago at the MLDUK Conference in 2018. I had heard a lot about the therapy previously but did not actually know anyone working with it. I have to admit, I was sceptical about the numerous claims of its benefits.

Kate John Reviews Deep Oscillation

Dr Jens Reinhold
At the Conference, Dr Jens Reinhold of Physiomed, the German manufacturers, provided us with a great presentation on 'Deep Oscillation and Pain Relief'.


Julie and Mary, the Sisters and Directors of PhysioPod were exhibiting the therapy on their stand. They explained the therapy in depth to me, exactly how it worked and the methods of application and provided a full demonstration.


Ways to apply Deep Oscillation
Deep Oscillation is applied through gloves as massage or via special applicators which also enable self treatment

I was amazed at just how wonderful it felt to deliver the vibrations through my gloved hands whilst massaging and then to receive it back too and I just knew my patients would love it.

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I spoke to other Therapists at the event who had already invested, they also worked from home as a 'one-woman band' BS I felt with their feedback, my research and now experiencing it, that though it was a big outlay - it was a risk worth taking. I am SO glad I did – I have literally never looked back - it is a good investment!


Fibrosis Reduction after twenty minutes
Fibrosis Reduction after twenty minutes treatment


Deep Oscillation is very effective at helping break up fibrotic areas, a process which can ordinarily take its toll on my hands and fingers; using the therapy makes the task so easy. It is great for my hands as a Therapist too; I was beginning to get cramp in the index finger on my right hand before and since using the therapy this is no longer an issue, I don't even think about it anymore. As a Therapist I get a treatment in my hands at the same time - so its really a win-win situation.


Osteoarthritis Joint Disease

I really love the fact that whilst I treat a patient via the gloved hands on massage approach to treat Lymphoedema, my patients can also work with an applicator on themselves on another area for osteoarthritis. The pain relief has been remarkable for them; so much so, two patients have bought their own personal units to treat their osteoarthritis. One of my ladies is now able to walk up and down the stairs throughout the day, whereas before if she left something upstairs, she wouldn't bother getting it as her knee hurt so much, this is now not an issue for her. I really feel I can help in other ways, which is lovely as a Therapist.


Oedema in Lymphoedema is easily moved, coupled with manual lymphatic drainage, Deep Oscillation is a winning combination. It is great for softening Lipoedema and I often find myself treating my regular patients for general aches and pains on top of their chronic conditions. Scar tissue is broken down and tissue becomes a lot more pliable.


Kate's welcoming treatment room in Linton, Cambs
Kate John's relaxing treatment room in Linton, Cambs

Having Deep Oscillation has bought me new clients; especially those with sporting injuries, because I can treat immediately after injury, speeding up their recovery, I am not waiting for the swelling to go down.

I am able to see pre and early post cosmetic surgery clients too, reducing pain, bruising and swelling and so patients can see their results in a much faster timeframe and get back to normal activities. I have had patients refer friends who are having knee replacement etc who arrange to see me in the early post-operative period to boost recovery.


I treat all of my family and as a Mum of three sporty boys who play a lot of football, it's the perfect solution for muscle strains and even growing pains!

Anyone considering buying a Deep Oscillation device, then please don't think a moment longer, you will be able to help your patients in so many ways, in addition to those living with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema."

About Kate John

Kate John
Kate John, Medical lymphatic drainage therapist


Kate is a highly skilled experienced medical lymphatic drainage therapist. Gaining BUPA recognition in 2017 and a member of MLD UK, LTA and registered practitioner with PhysioPod UK. Specialising in treatment of Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, including all pre and post cosmetics needs including garment fitting for all conditions.

Kate qualified as a massage therapist in 1990 and became passionate about Lymphoedema after her own mother's breast cancer which lead to her developing Lymphoedema after her treatment. Realising there was a shortage of MLD Therapists Kate decided to retrain at the World renowned FOLDI CLINIC in 2010. After which she worked at the Arthur Rank hospice in Cambridge for nearly 5 years gaining valuable patient experience. Wanting to add further treatment benefits Kate also trained in FLOUROSCOPY guided MLD with Jane Wigg (Founder of Lymphoedema Training academy).

Kate can offer KINESIOTAPING to further enhance treatment. Unless contraindicated Kate uses Deep Oscillation therapy in conjunction with MLD, which greatly improves the benefits of MLD.

Kate John - Medical Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, MLD Cambridge, The Furrells, Linton, Cambs, CB21 4JJ, Landline 01223 892 132 Mobile 07956 899 862

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