Jo Rose


Jo Rose Holistic Therapies and Training for People and Animals
Village Farm
United Kingdom
OX39 4AA
Landline 01844 220016
Mobile 07989 505264

  • Jo Rose KFRP, Jo Rose Holistic Therapies and Training for People and Animals

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports as used effectively by Jo Rose in conjunction with deep tissue massage for equine and human

  • The race horse above had injured itself on the track. After initial lameness had subsided over several days, a week later her fetlock was still hot to touch and swollen. Notice the white and red area in the first thermal image below. Deep Oscillation was applied gently over the area. The next day, the yard manager noticed that the heat had pretty much reduced in the area when she felt it.

  • The second thermal image is a few days after the initial session. Notice the cooler colours.

  • Jo applied a further session, and took a final image a little after, which showed further improvement , despite having been touching the area. Notice the more even colours in the thermal image. A couple of days later the yard manager reported that the limbs felt the same and the mare seemed back to normal.


Business opening hours:

Thursday to Saturday, 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

(other times by arrangement)

Insured with:


Therapies Offered:

Nutritional therapy
Herbal medicine
Deep tissue massage
Equine and canine musculoskeletal therapy
Thermal imaging
Applied Zoopharmacognosy (animal self selection of oils and herbs)

Mobile therapy

Currently throughout Oxon, Bucks, Berks, occasionally Sussex, North Hamps, NW Herts.


Perceptual Bodywork Kinesiology (advanced) certificate (CK, KFRP*)
Perceptual Bodywork Kinesiology recognised trainer (CK)
Touch for Health Kinesiology proficiency (practitioner) certificate (IKC)
Touch for Health Kinesiology recognised trainer (ITW, IKC)
Reiki Master practitioner and teacher (ASANA cert)
Nutritional Therapy Diploma (C.H. Ed)
Anatomy & Physiology (C.H. Ed)
Reflexology level 4 Diploma (IIHHT)
Swedish Body Massage Diploma (GHT/ CMA)
Deep Tissue Massage Diploma (GHT/ CMA)
Indian Head Massage Diploma (GHT /CMA)
Diploma in Herbal Medicine (NCFE)
McTimoney-Corley Animal Spinal Therapy (OCEPT)
Applied Equine Biomechanics (Musculoskeletal manipulation - Andrew Glaister method)
Equine Merishia massage certificate (AMT)
Canine Merishia massage certificate (AMT)
Advanced Merishia massage for horses (AMT)
Advanced Merishia massage for dogs (AMT)
Equine and canine Merishia massage tutor (AMT)
Equine Myofascial Release bodywork and cranial techniques (Dawn McCaig modular CPDs)
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (cert)
Reiki for animals
Zoopharmacognosy Diploma (Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy)
British Horse Society Intermediate teaching certificate (registered instructor)
British Equestrian Federation UK Coaching Certificate Level 3
Applied Equine Behaviour ground work level 1 diploma
Level 5 Edexcel teaching in the life long sector (DTTLS)

Courses attended

Metabolics nutritional training program (human)
An introduction to Cranial sacral therapy
Vibrational Tools (sound, colour, magnet, essences) in Kinesiology
Human Flow, level 1
OMT Human Spinal Manipulation CPD
Regular updates for association and teaching qualifications
Continued Professional Development Certificates (animal based):
Introductory saddle fitting, Society of Master Saddlers' course for equine professionals
Equine Myofascial Release, bodywork
Equine Myofascial Release, cranial
Animal Acupressure, modules 1 and 2
Equine biomechanics
Equine stretch therapy
Equne anatomy and nutrition (BTEC)
Equine Cranial sacral therapy
Equine Flow, level 1
Equine Touch, level 1
BHS CPD training
First aid
Regular updates for association and teaching qualifications

Groups and Associations

Association of McTimoney Corley Spinal Therapists
Kinesiology Federation
British Horse Society
Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists

Other Information

Jo runs courses in human and animal therapies, for those wanting to train as practitioners and those wanting to enhance their current practice with relevant CPD techniques and knowledge.  She has a wide range of outside teachers who provide training at her centre in Oxfordshire.  To view the course diary please click here




"I do a lot of weight training and running, and have had strains in my achilles tendon, calves, biceps and back.  I have found that DEEP OSCILLATION® has eased the pain and improved expected healing time considerably."  Simon Barnes

"My horse has suffered a severe tendon injury (bowing) which the vets were really unsure of in terms of recovery. The horse has had 2 sessions with DEEP OSCILLATION® and the bowing and swelling is much reduced, and my horse (on box rest) is weight bearing so much better I have reduced his bute (painkiller) to a half a day, so that he can feel it, and doesn't over do it!  Anna Story, near Wendover."

Personal Profile

Jo Rose has been practicing as an Holistic Therapist since 1996, when she trained as a Reiki therapist in New Zealand.  Two years later in the UK, whilst training as a riding instructor, Jo successfully applied the Reiki method to animals.  From there, she was inspired to gather knowledge and skills to build up the tool kit of therapies that she has today, working with physical, emotional, nutritional and energetic issues in people and animals.  Jo has qualified in a wide range of therapies, covering all of these aspects of wellbeing.  Jo believes in re-educating the body to heal itself, through releasing stress and tension and reconnecting pathways.  She is also a teacher of Holistic Therapies and has a teaching centre in Oxfordshire, where she runs courses in both people and animal therapies.

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