Introducing the new Deep Oscillation Personal Pro features

Super to have received Physiotherapist enquiries from two of the UK's elite football clubs this week for the updated Deep Oscillation Personal Pro. Both guys are used to working with the therapy, having several devices in their back rooms.

Julie Soroczyn, MD of PhysioPod, is an avid fan of the original HIVAMAT 200 ('her baby' - she calls it; as she introduced it into the UK healthcare scene in 2006) and now has an army of practitioners who will back her up on its versatility and effectiveness (you know who you are!). Julie still has her original HIVAMAT believe it or not and though she loves the new modern devices, the HIVAMAT has a place in her heart!

So, imagine my utter delight, when she announced the other day, "you know Mary, the new Pro is really fantastic, I can do everything with it that I can do with my old HIVAMAT
and so much more - the latest software upgrades have been brilliant."

Take a quick look here (apologies about the music, I am a little stuck in that department due to music licences!