The Portland Hospital

Chartered Physiotherapist, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, Physiotherapy Department
234 Great Portland Street
United Kingdom
Physiotherapy Reception 020 7390 6553


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Insured with: The Portland Hospital for legal matters and the The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

Services available:

  • Manual therapy, to treat any musculo-skeletal discomfort, pain and dysfunction during and following pregnancy.
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and re-education for continence problems, weak pelvic floor or sexual dysfunction.
  • Treatment to support recovery post-hysterectomy and other gynaecological surgery.
  • Therapy to ease symptoms associated with the menopause.
  • Holistic approach including Bowen therapy, acupuncture/ dry needling, massage and reflexology available in conjunction with conventional therapies.
  • DEEP OSCILLATION® - see testimonial below.


CRB checked


CRB checked


Groups and Associations


HPC, MCSP, AACP, Bowen therapist and MLD UK


Training completed at


Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic, Alleestrasse 30, 6344 Walchsee, Austria 

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At the MLD Conference in High Wickam 2012 


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Testimonial from The Portland Hospital


... We have used the Hivamat across both our paediatric and adult client group to reduce swelling and pain post injury, post surgery and post natally. We have found it to be to of particular relief to patients in reducing discomfort and swelling around the abdominal area following gynaecological surgery.

However the area in which the Hivamat has consistently provided us with beneficial results has been in the treatment of patients suffering with lymphoedema. We have observed that it aids the reduction of swelling, loosens fibrotic tissue (which often seems to be present post breast surgery) and our patients have reported the experience of lightness in the treated area and a feeling of well-being. These effects cannot be understated as lymphoedema can be very uncomfortable and difficult to manage and so being able to provide any sort of relief is, we feel, invaluable.

What we were not expecting was the effect that it would have on our therapists. Ilze, one of our physiotherapists who specialises in Manual Lymphatic Drainage says “my hands and fingers do not have to work as hard as you only need a light touch to get good results. Over the years my hands have become stiff but with the use of the Hivamat, treatments are much easier on the hands and are rewarding both for patient and therapist. I use it several times a week combined with physiotherapy; I would not get such good results without it.”