Horse Owner Provides Feedback On Daily Massage Of Her Dressage Horse with DEEP OSCILLATION® Electrostatic Therapy

DEEP OSCILLATION® been used in Equine in the UK since 2007 via Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK who uses for daily massage and post operative monitored rehabilitation. PhysioPod are delighted to received this testimonial from Tina, regarding her use of the therapy with Riva, her 15.3 dressage horse.

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“Riva my 15.3 dressage horse was having some intermittent lameness nothing the Vet or Physiotherapist could pin point, it was in the area of her lumber and pelvis, but that was all I had to go on. I heard of PhysioPod® and their machine which is from Physiomed Elektromedizin called the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports through my horses massage lady.

That was two and half years go. I use it daily before exercise. Riva feels very different after treatment working with more swing in her back and more suppleness throughout her body.  When I started using DEEP OSCILLATION® she was at elementary level and is now competing successfully at advanced medium.  I really do recommend the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports, as it has given me my horse back”

tina riding riva



More Information about DEEP OSCILLATION® in equine


Gilliyan Carter Morgan reports her findings and uses of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy for equine:

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“Over the last 6 years, I have found more and more uses for the therapy within my practice, from general massage through to monitored post-operative rehabilitation.

I have found that every horse is accepting of the therapy and the results quite remarkable.  Using both the Sports & Power Card Programmes supplied with the unit, I have seen marked improvement sometimes with only one treatment. 

As the therapy is non-intrusive, non-heating and simple to apply, it is often a preferred application of treatment to therapies such as Ultrasound and Laser and in some cases, providing better results.

There are various conditions in which I have used the therapy but it seems to work most effectively on equine tendon injuries, aiding the recovery time and therefore helping the horse back to full functional ability in a greatly reduced period of time (under permission and conjunction with the horse owners veterinarian).  Combining this treatment with cold hydrotherapy shows the best responses and quicker return to functional activity

I have also used the therapy very successfully with conditions such as Arthritis, Navicular, Sacroiliac problems and various Muscle Injuries.  The therapy is easy to use and very effective"


Gilliyan offers a useful DEEP OSCILLATION workshop for equine therapists and horse owners to learn about the application of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy on horses, and their owners (please note delegates must own their own unit available from PhysioPod™ UK Ltd).  Gilliyan is happy to offer help or advice by phone.  Please call Gilliyan directly on 07909-990445 to book a place on a workshop or learn more about Gilliyan and her works here  Equi-Therapy UK website