Helena Gulian


United Kingdom
W5 3ET
Telephone 02089 979 104
Mobile 07597 016 770

  • Based in Ealing West HG Clinic

  • Helena Gulian BC(Hons) MCSP, SRP,MCST

  • Helena has been having good results with Osteoarthritis pain

  • Sports injuries have responded well to DEEP OSCILLATION reducing inflammation and pain

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Based in Ealing, West London, Helena is an experienced, State Registered Chartered Physiotherapist and Registered Craniosacral Therapist and is offering DEEP OSCILLATION® combined with her skills. Craniosacral therapy is increasingly gaining in popularity as it encourages the body's own internal healing mechanisms to eliminate pain and restore a healthy, balanced state.

Physiotherapy Treatment provided for:

Sports injuries

Spinal problems - stiff neck, 'whiplash' injuries, low back pain

Modified Pilates exercises to prevent or to reduce low back pain and to facilitate good posture with balanced, pain free movement


Help with arthritic problems such as painful and stiff knees, hips and shoulders

Rehabilitation advice after orthopaedic surgery