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Animal Infrared Complementary Therapies
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County Durham
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Animal Infrared Complementary Therapies


Covering Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham (Further areas by negotiation) 8am – 9pm Monday through to Sunday


Therapies Offered

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® for animal rehabilitation and regular supportive maintenance treatments.  DEEP OSCILLATION® improves range of movement, suppleness and mobility, boosts the animals own healing process reducing inflammation and pain.   Suitable for a wide range of injuries and conditions including orthopedic, musculoskeletal, age related degeneration, wound healing and when used as part of a regular treatment programme, enhances performance and helps to prevent injuries for competition animals
  • DEEP OSCILLATION® for Humans, treatments for sports injuries and degenerative conditions.
  • Cold Laser Therapy for Animals and Humans
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Cyclossage Equine Massage
  • Equine Sports Massage
  • Equine Touch and Shiatsu Student


Hazel is a qualified Equine Thermography Technician and has trained with veterinary professionals and world leaders in veterinary equine thermography in both the UK and Europe. She is a Level 1 certified thermographer with the worldwide Infrared Training Center (ITC) and a Laser Therapist in equine and small animal applications studying with Omega Laser Systems, Thor Laser and with Janet Lloyd-Jones, a leader in the field of veterinary/medical laser and laser acupuncture.  Hazel also provides equine sports massage, training with Equissage Europe as well as animal DEEP OSCILLATION® using the Physiopod® .  Cold laser and DEEP OSCILLATION® are also offered to owners for the treatment of injuries (existing clients only)

Personal Profile

Animal Infrared is owned by Hazel Johnson who offers a personal and professional service to clients.  Hazel is passionate about the welfare and care of all animals and from an early age has enjoyed a particular love for horses. She has ridden since childhood and has owned her own horses for over 25 years.  She is experienced and competent in the care and handling of animals; owns her own private equine yard and currently has 3 horses, 2 dogs, 6 cats, a rabbit and 5 pet sheep.  She is an active committee member of a local adult riding club and in her spare time enjoys organising and taking part in club training and local events.


How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®?  What prompted you to buy?  "I saw the physiopod on another animal therapists website and decided to give them a call to find out more, how they applied the treatment to animals and what success they had had.  This prompted me to contact PhysioPod™ UK Ltd to purchase my own unit.

How did you find dealing with PhysioPod UK Limited? "Before buying a unit I spoke at great lengths with the company who were very helpful and provided me with additional information on the benefits of the unit and results . Since making my purchase, I have also received excellent ongoing support and advice and can highly recommend."


DEEP OSCILLATION® is clinically proven to permeate a 8cm tissue depth



Hazel is delighted to share the findings of before and after DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment with Gracie recorded by the latest in thermal imaging analysis