Groin and Hip Injury - Speedy Rehabilitation Results with DEEP OSCILLATION®

Patient Testimonial from Sports Massage Therapist and Coach Dee Newton

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  • DEEP OSCILLATION®, intermittent electrostatic field therapy permeates a depth of 8cm. Due to it's gentle application DEEP OSCILLATION® is an unmatched treatment option in the acute stage of an injury, highly efficient for pain, oedema, bruising - enabling the patient to carry out prescribed rehabilitation exercises.

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"Thank you for taking the time to see me , I know that different patients heal at different rates but after one session my groin and hip feel almost as good as new and by following your set exercises I have had NO repeats of ANY symptoms I had prior to your DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment. Why this is not widely shouted about I do not know. Many thanks once again and I hope word spreads like wildfire."

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