GRANTS - A Round Up!

The other day I was chatting to the delightful Rosemary Petch, Lymphoedema Specialist Private Practitioner, about grants that are available.

Rosemary Petch


Here's a round up of those that we know about with links... if you know of anymore please don't hesitate to let us know...




To apply for a grant, please first check the Frequently Asked Questions below. Then, download and read the Grant Application Guidelines that apply to you or your organisation. HSF provide grants to individuals, organisations and medical electives.

What is not funded? 

If you’re happy you meet the requirements: 

Apply Online on the HSF page



MLDUK Lymfund raises money to help people access Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) treatments when they cannot get the treatment on the NHS and when they cannot afford to pay for it privately.

MLD is an integral part of a specialised physical treatment for oedema. MLD registered therapists have advanced training and hold full insurance.

Applications for funding cannot be made by members of the public, but must come to Lymfund through one of MLDUK ‘s registered Therapists.  If you are an MLD therapist member you can download the guidance, application and treatment completion forms below.

Lymfund Guidelines for MLDUK Therapists 

Lymfund Application Form

Lymfund Treatment Completion Form





Macmillan Grants are small, one-off means-tested payments to help with the extra costs that living with cancer can bring. 

What Macmillan Grants are for

Who can apply

How to apply

How Macmillan can help