Grade Two Calf Tear - Speedy Rehabilitation Results with DEEP OSCILLATION®

Patient Testimonial from Sports Massage Therapist and Coach Dee Newton

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  • Grade Two Calf Tear: "the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® were immediately noticeable"

  • Internationally patented DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy creates a resonant vibration to a depth of 8cm through all tissue layers including the connective tissue. Gentle, relaxing and biologically effective enhancing traditional rehabilitation methods.

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"Had DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy with Dee following a bad grade 2 tear to my calf.  After being immobile in a leg brace for 5 weeks I had 2 DEEP OSCILLATION® treatments one week apart and it was amazing. The effects were immediately noticeable but even more so in the days that followed. The treatment subsided the calf pain and also helped with swelling and tightness. Two weeks after my last treatment I was back to high intensity interval training and running, something the NHS said would take months. Thanks Dee!!"

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