Actress Glynis Barber Experiences The Marie Reynolds MasterliftPlus Facial which includes internationally patented Deep Oscillation Therapy

It was because Deep Oscillation is used medically that Marie Reynolds brought it in to her to Masterlift Plus treatments and she has seen amazing results.


Watch from 08.00 minutes in to see application of Deep Oscillation therapy...


Glynis remarks:



"Wow, so you are just using your hands and your hands are vibrating?"

"This is the most extraordinary thing I have ever experienced, it's so hard to believe those are your hands"

"My skin and blood feels like it's moving"

"That is amazingly relaxing"

"I love the new additions, Deep Oscillation is the absolute best"


Glynis wrote in her You Tube intro: "Follow me all the way though (edited of course so not too long) as I do my all time favourite facial treatment with skin guru Marie Reynolds. She's an alchemist and magician as far as I'm concerned, who always works WITH the body and the skin and never uses force or over active ingredients.

Using her own exquisite products, she does all kinds of wonderful things to the skin using her many gadgets and leaves the skin in a state of pure bliss. In fact this video is incredibly relaxing to watch and you may well go into a zen state as you watch Marie gently massaging my skin. If you're feeling stressed, this will leave you mellow. If you're interested in doing a Masterlift with Marie, either in London or at her clinic in Norfolk, just subscribe to her site to see available appointments as they come up"
PhysioPod commented on the YouTube Video:
"Great video, thank you Glynis for highlighting Deep Oscillation therapy and we are so pleased you liked it. Just a bit of background, Deep Oscillation is.a medically proven technology. In the NHS, it is used Lymphoedema management. It is particularLy useful for head and neck Lymphoedema and breast Lymphoedema, which are complex conditions previously very difficult to manage. Lymphoedema is a condition that can happen after cancer treatment, where lymph nodes are removed or damaged and so areas can become engorged with lymph fluid and protein build up etc.
Patients are self-managing at home with the personal units for Lymphoedema too. It is highly effective for reducing pain, inflammation, swelling, bruising and softening hardened scar tissue resulting from surgical incisions. It does not produce heat or electrically stimulate and so it can also be used over the eyelids safely, over metal pins and plates, prosthesis and breast implants. It is used in early injury (elite sporting worldwide) and in early post operative rehab, due to its non-invasive nature. It is a first line treatment pre and post liposuction too, especially in Lipoedema where more fat is extracted and recovery is quicker with less complications.
Just a quick synopsis for you - for more information do please take a look at especially the studies and latest news and also for a list of therapists using in the UK & Ireland. Mary Fickling, Co-Director, PhysioPod UK and Physio Equipment.