Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK Stand B20 Beva 2016 Congress 7 - 10 September showcasing DEEP OSCILLATION®

Learn more about Gilliyan's equine sports massage diploma courses and the courses she runs for the application of DEEP OSCILLATION® in equine.





View article on Vet Click where Gilliyan reports her findings of using DEEP OSCILLATION® in equine 


“Over the last 6 years, I have found more and more uses for the therapy within my practice, from general massage through to monitored post-operative rehabilitation.

I have found that every horse is accepting of the therapy and the results quite remarkable.  Using both the Sports & Power Card Programmes supplied with the unit, I have seen marked improvement sometimes with only one treatment. 

As the therapy is non-intrusive, non-heating and simple to apply, it is often a preferred application of treatment to therapies such as Ultrasound and Laser and in some cases, providing better results.

There are various conditions in which I have used the therapy but it seems to work most effectively on equine tendon injuries, aiding the recovery time and therefore helping the horse back to full functional ability in a greatly reduced period of time (under permission and conjunction with the horse owners veterinarian).  Combining this treatment with cold hydrotherapy shows the best responses and quicker return to functional activity

I have also used the therapy very successfully with conditions such as Arthritis, Navicular, Sacroiliac problems and various Muscle Injuries.  The therapy is easy to use and very effective"


Gilliyan offers a useful DEEP OSCILLATION workshop for equine therapists and horse owners to learn about the application of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy on horses, and their owners (please note delegates must own their own unit available from PhysioPod™ UK Ltd).  Gilliyan is happy to offer help or advice by phone.  Please call Gilliyan directly on 07909-990445 to book a place on a workshop or learn more about Gilliyan and her works here  Equi-Therapy UK website