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Gary Sadler Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC(reg) Dip APP Sports AACP, Sarah Moore Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) HCPC (reg) AACP

2a Salisbury Road

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The 1st Chartered Physiotherapists to offer DEEP OSCILLATION® in Portsmouth

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Manual Therapy Treatments

Joint Manipulation
Joint Mobilisation
Soft Tissue Mobilisation Techniques
Trigger Point Release
Neuromuscular Mobilisation Techniques
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Muscle Energy Techniques


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Rehabilitation and Exercises
Core stability and strength
Stability, Strength and Conditioning programmes
Rehabilitation programmes
Massage Therapy


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  Stretching, Exercise, Massage, Manipulation


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Gary Sadler Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC(reg) Dip APP Sports AACP





Gary has treated professional footballers for the past 20 years, Since leaving Portsmouth Football Club he has seen a variety of different complaints, from treating professional footballers to a wide spectrum of the population at his clinic in Cosham, Portsmouth. Since leaving Portsmouth Football Club and professional football in August 2010, Gary began working for himself in a Private Practice. But since March 2013, he always wanted to bring together a team to cater for the public's needs. From August 2001 until August 2010 Gary was employed as the head physiotherapist to Portsmouth Football Club. During his 9 years at the club he has, like many of the people associated, enjoyed the successes that the football club has brought to the city of Portsmouth.

Gary has travelled as the head physiotherapist with the team all over the world playing matches in Hong Kong, Nigeria, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, France & Scotland. He was a member of the backroom staff that has been associated together with the players with the following achievements...

Before Portsmouth FC, Gary graduated from Guys Hospital (London) in 1990. After qualifying he worked for 6 years in the NHS before moving to Crystal Palace Football Club as head physiotherapist in 1996. He worked as a part time physiotherapist for Queens Park Rangers and 4 years at West Ham United.



Sarah Moore , Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) HCPC (reg) AACP


sarah moore


In 2006, Sarah left her job as Branch Manager of Lloyds TSB and followed her dream of becoming a physiotherapist. From 2007-2011 Sarah studied Physiotherapy at Southampton University where she gained a BSc (Hons) degree. During this period of study she was employed by the NHS as a physiotherapy assistant at Queen Alexandra Hospital working predominantly on the respiratory wards. After graduating in 2011 Sarah began work for Southampton University as a Research Fellow working out of Southampton General Hospital.

During this same period Sarah began work alongside Gary Sadler gaining hands on experience in a wide variety of conditions.

Sarah is fully qualified in Acupuncture and has now joined Gary Sadler and his team in Cosham where she is looking forward to treating new and existing patients. As a keen golfer Sarah recently attended a course at the Belfry which has enabled her to provide classes for Golfers specifically looking to improve strength, core stability and balance. These classes aim not only to improve golfers overall game but reduce injuries too.




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