From Poland: DEEP OSCILLATION® In the treatment of respiratory disorders

With sincere thanks to Greg Slusarczyk of Hasmed we have received the following testimonial from Dr Maria Sczlany-Karolczek, Paeditrician from Dukat Medical Spa regarding their use of DEEP OSCILLATION® in respiratory disorders in children aged between three and seven.

English Translation

For 14 years, we have used DEEP OSCILLATION® massage via the HIVAMAT® 200 in our facility for children aged from the 3rd to 7th year of life.  In respiratory diseases such as: - bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract disease. The effects brought by this type of massage are mainly thinning retained secretions, facilitating its expectoration, improvement of respiratory function in chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory tract and anti-inflammatory effect. After a series of 8-10 treatments in children, we observe a vast improvement in the comfort of breathing and increased vital capacity.



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  • The HIVAMAT® 200 has been used by Dr Maria Sczlany-Karolczek, Paeditrician, in Poland for the treatment of respiratory disorders for 14 years on children agree between 3 and 7 years of age

  • DEEP OSCILLATION permeates an 8cm depth through all tissue layers. (Source: Hernández Tápanes, S., Bravo Acosta, T., Wilson Rojas, R., Fernández Prieto, B., Cabrera Morales, M. (2010): Valor de la Terapia con oscilaciones profundas en la cicatrización de las quemaduras AB. Revista Cubana de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación_RNPS 2244- FOLIO 148- ISSN 2078-7162 Rev Cub MFR v.2 n.1 Ciudad de la Habana ene-jun. (Value of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy in the healing of burns AB)