First comprehensive book about DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy

For the past few years, Dra. S. Hernández Tápanes, a Cuban physician and the President of the Comité Latinoamericano de Gestión de la Información Científica en Rehabilitación (CLAGIR), has examined, with her team, the applications of DEEP OSCILLATION® in various medical fields.

The outcome has surpassed all expectations and has inspired her to record the results and experiences in her first book. "Terapias con oscilaciones profundas. Experiencias en Cervicalgias, Lumbalgias y Epicondilitis" (ISBN 978-3-9815273-1-5). This provides a general introduction to DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, as well as holistic considerations of the clinical pictures for Cervicalgia, Epicondylitis and Lumbago, with special attention given to the impact of DEEP OSCILLATION® with these indications. The book was initially published in Spanish with the Editorial EdiReh-Latina and will be available from mid-August (