Emily Bewsey

BSc(Hons)Ost Med PGDIP Animal Ost

Equine Osteopathy
Over Silton
Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 2LJ
Mobile 07801 497 426

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® is used for equine and canine treatments to boost the healing process

  • Equine and Canine Osteopathic Treatment with EMILY BEWSEY and combination treatment for the horse and their rider - call 07801 497 426 and treat

Mobile Animal Osteopathic Practice
Surrounding areas covered:


  • County Durham
  • Cleveland
  • North Yorkshire


Flexible and willing to travel, treatment including DEEP OSCILLATION® where appropriate for:


  • Equine
  • Canine
  • Combination treatments for the 'horse and rider' - balancing body mechanics between owner and horse and vice versa



Registered with the General Osteopathic Council


Registered with the British Osteopathic Association

Personal Profile

Since learning to ride at the age of eight, Emily has always had a keen interest in animals, especially horses. Training was competed for the British Horse Society stage exams and she gained a distinction at National Certificate level in the Management of Horses.

Emily has been lucky enough to have worked with horses in England, America and Australia for many years, during which time, she gained valuable experience and understanding in many of the equine disciplines including horse racing, show jumping, riding school and stud work.

She eventually decided to give up working full time with horses and to concentrate her efforts on becoming an Animal Osteopath, specialising in equines. In 2005 Emily graduated with a first class honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine and went on to complete and pass the Post Graduate Course in Animal Osteopathy, conducted at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals. The course was conducted by Stuart McGregor, one of the world's leading equine osteopaths. In total it took six years to obtain the status of Animal Osteopath.

Her equine background and understanding of human and animal biomechanics has allowed Emily, working as an osteopath, to pursue her interest in the similarity and structural relationship that occurs between horse and rider. For Emily, Osteopathy provides an holistic approach that enables her to treat humans and animals successfully.

For more information, pricing or to book an appointment please ring Emily on 07801 497 426