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Caroline Bennetts Performance Massage
Woolsbridge Road
Ashley Heath
Hampshire border
BH24 2LY
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  • Caroline Bennetts ITEC, VTCT , ESMT, MMCP

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® now used by Caroline is an internationally patented therapeutic design which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations up to an 8cm depth

  • With the ever growing number of people taking part in sport, combined with the increasing competitiveness and intensity of physical exercise, the demand for sports massage has become more and more recognised as a skill which can aid recovery and enhance performance." Caroline Bennetts Performance Massage

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports - gentle, effective therapy for the horse and their rider.

  • The relaxing treatment room of Caroline Bennetts

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Therapies Offered:


Sports and Rehabilitation Massage for Humans




Mobile Services:


Dorset, Hampshire




  • ITEC
  • VTCT
  • Equi Therapy Equine Sports Massage (ESMT)
  • Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP)

Courses Attended:


  • Bowen Wrapping
  • Acupressure for horses
  • Horses inside out dissection of the spine
  • Horses inside out dissection of the fore and hind limb
  • Biomechanics with Anna Bruce and Amanda Sutton
  • Margarit Coates Animal communication workshop
  • Trust Technique

N.B: From September 2015 - Kinesiology Taping

Training completed at:


  • ITEC
  • Equitherapy
  • Mastersons Method Intergrated Performance Massage


Personal Profile:


"I have always been passionate about horses; to really listen and understand the horse, work as a team and fully understand how the underlying restrictions of the biomechanics of the horse can affect performance has driven me to research and develop support techniques along the way. Working together is the key to a successful relationship.  By combining therapies I am able to work on a much deeper level. Together with the owner, (vets and physios where necessary) I work at improving performance from both a physical standing and an emotional level to help the horse and rider reach their full potential. Being a qualified sports massage therapist enables me to treat the rider as well.   Often the mirroring of discomfort and muscle restrictions is shown in the horse and therefore by influencing the riders muscular and in turn skeletal position means that both perform much better. I have found that by ensuring the muscular system is in harmony that long term issues can be eleveated."