Angela OBrien

Sports Massage Therapist using DEEP OSCILLATION®

United Kingdom
Telephone 01842 750 640
Mobile 07917 668 507


Angie O'Brien works full time in the complementary field treating humans and animals. She is qualified in Holistic Therapy, Human Sports Massage and Equine Sports Massage under Mary Bromiley.  Angie works alongside many very reputable equine practitioners in the racing industry from all around the world and works mainly with Thoroughbred and Arabian injured race horses, but also has clients in all equine disciplines.

As well as DEEP OSCILLATION® Angie offers offering low level laser, neuro-muscle stimulation, magnetic therapy and tens.

In 2004 Angie accompanied the British Endurance Intermediate Team in France.

Quote from Angie

"I am humbled in the work that I do and the biggest reward is the psychological effect the treatment has on the horses, which in turn appears to enhance their recovery from injury."


Angie owns her own Arab Mare and competes her in Le Trec competiitons all over the UK.