Dr Alison Merrick Comments - Lymphoedema Education and Recognition

In our recent strand on "What Has Changed in 20 Years of Lymphoedema Management?" we asked Dr Alison Merrick for her thoughts..


'I'm not sure about the changes in Lymphoedema management, as most of the changes have been around more education and recognition, leading to better/sooner diagnosis.

Better compression fabrics, designs and bespoke. More things on prescription, more Lymphoedema clinics in the NHS, although that is going backwards now.

The development of the gold standard was the main thing really (skin care, exercise, compression and MLD) and proper guidelines on the treatment of cellulitis. The importance of the impact on QOL has also been a big part of all that.


In terms of what has changed my practice and treatment,  I have been using Deep Oscillation Therapy in my clinics for about 7 years now and find it an invaluable tool in all kinds of treatment situations. With the maintenance and intensive treatments, I regularly do with my clients who have Lymphoedema, it makes the already effective MLD even more so. Really quick results with soft swelling and a significant impact on firmer Lymphoedema and fibrotic tissue leaving it soft and more moveable with much less effort from me and less discomfort (with the fibrotic tissue) in the process.

Clients love it and can always feel the difference at the end of every session especially with donning compression garments that go on with greater ease!

In addition, I have been developing arthritis in my own thumbs and using the machine treats my thumbs too!

I really would not be without my Hivamat Deep Oscillation unit, I use it to great effect every day in my clinics