"Delighted with Deep Oscillation Personal Basic For Secondary Lymphoedema"

I was diagnosed with Secondary Lymphoedema in my right arm 18 years after all my lymph nodes had been removed following my breast cancer diagnosis in 2000. I’ve no idea what triggered it and they do say you are susceptible to Lymphoedema at any time once those lymph nodes have been removed.

It was in the hot summer of 2018, that I suddenly noticed, whilst out walking, that my hand and lower part of my arm had swelled.  My hand subsequently went down but my lower arm stayed swollen all the way up to the elbow. I tried everything to get it down, I slept with it raised on a pillow, had it strapped by the Lymphoedema nurse and wore my arm sleeves religiously.

Sadly, I noticed recently that my arm had started to thicken. My Lymphoedema nurse suggested I look for a cheap vibrating massager, as she felt my arm would benefit from being agitated. My research lead me to the Deep Oscillation Personal, which sadly, was not cheap. I realise then that this was the same equipment my MLD therapist had used on me previously. I had stopped my MLD sessions as I could see that I needed them more frequently than I could afford long term.




The cost equated to 50 MLD sessions with my Therapist, so if it works, definitely worth it. I have used the device religiously for two 50 minute sessions a day. I measured my arm before I started and at the end of the first week. I was astounded to see, not only was my arm much softer and more pliable, it had also reduced in volume by 1.5 cm in circumference from my wrist to my elbow. Where my arm had been quite round and solid, it was now much more bendy at the wrist and the definition along the bottom of my arm had returned. I am excited about future results!

Just finished a complete session with 50 mins in the machine. I covered the applicator tightly with cling film. I can see how this would protect the life of the applicator. I used the talc which definitely aided the ‘glide’ over the arm. I was surprised how quickly 50 minutes went. Will do another session later today. Will aim to do it 2-3 times a day, and will measure my arm after a week to see if there is any change.

P.S I’ve been focusing the machine quite a bit on my elbow, as I remember the therapist saying “hmm there seems to be a blockage at your elbow” which would make sense as my upper arm doesn’t have Lymphoedema. Think I may be breaking up that concrete ?? Very, very, happy with my purchase.


Mrs C