DEEP OSCILLATION®: The First Choice For Franziska Schmidt-Dengler MSc, Osteopath GOsC registered & Physiotherapist M.C.S.P.

Franziska Schmidt-Dengler is a highly qualified healthcare professional who also successfully combines DEEP OSCILLATION® with the Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique for Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Chronic Oedema. The Vodder School recommend the use of DEEP OSCILLATION® for fibrosis.

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Franziska Schmidt-Dengler, MSc

Osteopath GOsC registered & Physiotherapist M.C.S.P.
Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist



"I am a Physiotherapist and Osteopath. It is very common for Physiotherapists to use machines but DEEP OSCILLATION® is the only one I use. It is very rare for an Osteopath to be using any machines, but still, I use DEEP OSCILLATION®.  It can be used for a variety of reasons and indications. My preferred ones are for scar tissue or fibrotic tissues. It does not replace any manual treatment, but it is an invaluable device and I would not be without it.

I have experienced its many benefits and seen its advantages on numerous patients but I was still surprised when I used recently on the fresh scar of a patient, the reduced swelling of the scar tissue improved the function of the muscle affected enormously; an effect a conventional treatment approach might have taken much longer to achieve. I am very grateful for the existence of DEEP OSCILLATION® and I am hoping to see it being used more commonly/widely; it is effective and its application pleasant". 




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DEEP OSCILLATION® The First Choice Of Forward-Thinking Physiotherapists


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  • The HIVAMAT 200 - Used by many UK/Ireland Practitioners, offering a flexible hands on or applicator use to patients

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL Sports for use by therapists or patients for self management - preprogrammed with common conditions including scar tissue and fibrosis, the programmes favoured by Franziska Schmidt-Dengler

  • Osteopaths don't generally use machines, but Franziska would 'not be without hers' for treatment

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® is well received by patients due to it's non invasive pain relieving nature which is ideal for elderly and 'sore' patients. No pressure is required to permeate a 8cm depth through all tissue layers, saving the practitioners hands.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION optimises healing from caesarian section. It can be applied on the first post-operative day, resulting in a dynamic wound healing with softer more flexible scars with a lasting reduction in pain. Stimulated collagen production and cell regeneration also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® also offers a non invasive option for post partum breast pain and tension due to engorgement and it quickly results in the normalisation of lactation.

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident used in hospitals including NHS Christie & The Royal Stoke Hospital in the UK enhancing patient care