Deep Oscillation Personal for Head and Neck Lymphoedema

Nick from Wales explains how Deep Oscillation has helped with both swelling in head and neck and leg and has also worked well at reducing the appearance of the post op scar on his neck.

Using the Deep Oscillation - Personal


Following treatment for a cancer on my jaw, including mandiblectomy, removal of a lymph gland, Fibula free flap reconstruction, chemo and radio therapy, I developed lymphoedema in the head and neck area, especially around the operation site scar tissue.  I also have a quite large scar on my left lower leg from the 'donor site wound' left after bone and tissue were removed to be used in the jaw reconstruction. 


Initially I managed with 'Simple Lymphatic Drainage' techniques but was still experiencing swelling both in the region of my head and neck and also in my lower leg.


I started using the 'Deep Oscillation Personal' supplied by Physiopod UK Limited just over six months ago and since using a variety of programmes on my neck, head and leg there has been a noticeable reduction in swelling.   I have also been pleased with the healing of the scar on my neck which is now barely visible and the lower leg wound is also healing very well.