31 Frequently Asked Questions By People living with Lymphoedema, Lipoedema or Lipo-Lymphoedema on the use of DEEP OSCILLATION® in Self-Care, and via a Therapist

Deep Oscillation Therapy is a clinically proven, internationally patented method of electrostatic lymphatic drainage that permeates a depth of 8 cm without any pressure being applied, reducing pain, swelling, and fibrosis.


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1. PhysioPod® UK Limited: Who are they?

Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling are sisters and directors of PhysioPod® UK Limited, a small, independent business. In the UK and the Republic of Ireland, they serve as points of contact for the general public, therapists, and healthcare authorities. PhysioPod® introduced DEEP OSCILLATION® to the UK in 2006, and the Republic of Ireland in 2009. They are NHS-approved suppliers and carry the trademark for the supply and training of deep oscillation in the UK and Ireland.

2. I have lymphoedema; can I purchase a unit for self-care of symptoms?

PhysioPod UK highly recommends that people living with lymphoedema first get treatment with a trained MLD DLT practitioner or at their local NHS lymphoedema clinic if they are offering deep oscillation, so that a successful outcome is reached before deciding to invest.  http://www.physiopod.co.uk/manual-lymphatic-drainage-therapists.shtml.

3. I have lipoedema; can I purchase a unit for self-care of symptoms?

Again, PhysioPod UK highly recommends that people living with lipoedema first get treatment with a trained Deep Oscillation practitioner, so that a successful outcome is reached before deciding to invest.  https://www.physiopod.co.uk/therapist-map.shtml If lipo-lymphoedema has been diagnosed, the same answer as question 2 applies.

4. Why is visiting a therapist important?

When a patient visits a therapist initially, they jointly assess the outcomes and make an "informed choice" before determining whether to invest in a unit for self-care at home or abroad. This may require one, two, or more sessions. When patients follow their therapist's recommendations for consistent self-management, they experience and report positive outcomes. Each person receives a personalised therapy card. The tailored therapy card begins operating automatically through the frequencies and beeps to indicate the conclusion of treatment. A typical self-care session lasts from twenty to thirty minutes.

5. Can I stop seeing my therapist if I get a machine?

PhysioPod does not advise this; even with the acquisition of a personal unit, it is still essential to have regular check-ups with MLD/lymphoedema practitioners to monitor for any changes in condition that may require care. The unit may reduce visits since consistent self-care with deep oscillation reduces symptoms and enhances the condition of the skin.

6. Does it hurt, and is it portable for travel?

The therapy is soothing, and yes, PhysioPod includes a note with the purchase for customs should it be required or later down the line when travel is planned.

7. What is the unit's price?

Unit prices can be requested by sending an email to info@physiopod.co.uk,  PhysioPod does not supply a price on the website because each patient is different and may require additional accessories for the best treatment protocol. Purchasing is a consultative process, and PhysioPod prides itself on both the sales and after-sales service they offer.

8. Which kinds of units are offered?

There are two types of personal units available: the Deep Oscillation Personal Basic and the Deep Oscillation Personal Pro (a list of conditions that can be treated is available on request). Additionally, units can be rented for a period of six weeks, which is ideal for people who prefer not to purchase before trying a unit at home. They are also hired for pre and post lipoedema or lymphoedema liposuction enhancing results and shortening rehabilitation times. Please be aware that a hire fee cannot lower the price of a new unit.

9. If I purchase a machine, would there be setup instructions?

This can be done via a Zoom session with Julie. Supportive others are welcome to join this session, and if this person also wants to be able to provide the treatment to the patient using the gloved hands method, they should also make sure that they themselves have none of the contraindications listed in question 10.

10. Does starting treatment require a medical evaluation?

Before starting treatment, your healthcare provider or lymphoedema specialist will go over a consultation form with you, evaluating your suitability for treatment and discussing any potential contraindications. They will also ask you to sign a consent form.

11. Which are the contraindications for DEEP OSCILLATION®?

Acute infections, infectious skin diseases, active tuberculosis, untreated thrombosis and vascular disorders, cellulitis/erysipelas, untreated malignant disease, untreated heart complaints/diseases, cardiac pacemakers or other implanted stimulators, and vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI), pregnancy (NB: if a therapist becomes pregnant, they simply swap to applying the therapy through applicators), and sensitivity to electric fields.

12. Can I still receive the treatment if I have plates and pins implanted?

You can, indeed. Because the therapy does not involve heating tissue, it is completely safe to use over implanted plates and pins

13. Can I still receive treatment if I have breast implants?

It is safe for you to receive treatment with deep oscillation.

14. Will I get "electrically charged up" while undergoing treatment?

No, a circuit is never completed due to patented circuitry. Imagine sketching 95% of a circle, pausing, and then beginning again. An internal active discharge system within the machine safely dislodges the charge during the drawing break.

15. Why do I need to grip the bar, and what is it composed of?

Made of premium titanium, the bar is gripped in one hand or inserted between the toes while the applicator is rotated in the proper direction with the other hand or whilst massage application is applied. For the therapy to be effective, this setup is necessary. As an alternative, the device can be linked to two applicators, one for each leg or one for each side of the afflicted lower limb.

16. When I held the bar, my hand started to tingle a little. Is that typical?

There may be a slight tingling at times if the frequency goes lower and the intensity is higher, but it is completely harmless. If you want to lessen the tingling without sacrificing the treatment's efficiency, you can lower the intensity or ask your therapist to turn it down a bit.

17. Why is talcum powder used with the therapy?

The area that has to be treated must be completely dry for deep oscillation to work. To keep the area dry and make it easier for the applicator to glide over, lightly dust the area with talc. The effect of the surface of what deep oscillation is doing in the deeper tissue layers should be visible as a pattern in the talc.  The baby powder included is made only with carefully chosen ingredients that must adhere to stringent purity standards that are on par with those in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. If using regular talc raises concerns, try alternatives that don't include talc.

18. Does having a hot flush mean that the therapy isn't working?

Yes, it does, since your body needs to be at a regular temperature and your core temperature has increased. However, don't panic; just try again after a few minutes have passed.

19. What occurs in the course of a therapy session?

Electrostatic impulses produce enjoyable, biologically effective oscillations permeating the skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscles, and blood and lymph vessels to a clinically proven depth of 8 cm.

A deep, soothing vibration (oscillation) will be felt throughout your muscular tissues.

20. Does it make a difference if I have my phone in my pocket during my appointment?

No, neither the treatment nor your phone will be impacted. However, it can be a chance for you to unwind and set your phone aside :-).

21. Does it matter if I have jewellery on?

No, tissue is not heated during treatment. Its action is a-thermal.

22. How can I extend the life of membranes and shield the membrane head from damage?

To maintain sterility between treatments, secure the outer rubber and safeguard the membrane, cover the head with cling film, and wrap or twist it over the hand base.

23. How does deep oscillation affect me when I'm receiving treatment?

At higher frequencies, the lymphatic drainage system of the body is opened and activated, which is where the stores of cellular metabolic waste, including protein solids and lymph fluid buildup, are found. Deep oscillation works well for reducing any fibrotic or hardened tissue.

At medium frequencies, the microcirculation of the connective tissue is increased, which relaxes the tissues. The newly gathered biological waste items begin their journey to the lymphatic system for removal.

At lower frequencies, vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, occurs and can result in a slight reduction in blood pressure. Forceful movement in the tissue is produced at these lower frequencies with a powerful, pumping motion. Resuming unrestricted fluid flow to promote the restoration of vital nutrients to the tissue.

24. What are the clinically proven effects?

• Improvement of the body's natural ability to replenish its depleted supplies of nutrients

• Muscle relaxation

• Pain reduction

• Haematoma (Blood filled swelling/bruising) and microtrauma prophylaxis

• Oedema reduction (fluid/protein filled swelling)

• Improvement in tone (through muscle stimulation and relaxation)

• Inflammation inhibition

• Stimulates wound healing

• Movement facilitation

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Anti-fibrotic effect

• Reduction of skin irritation

• Detoxification

• Improvement in the tissue quality

25. What sets deep oscillation apart from other electrotherapy products?

When someone has lymphoedema, extra lymph fluid and protein solids build up in the spaces between the connective tissues. Deep oscillation affects the connective tissues, while regular electrotherapy works on the neuromuscular system.

26. Am I going to be ‘electrically charged up’ during treatment?

No, patented circuitry means a circuit is never completed. Imagine drawing 98% of a circle and then stopping, then re-starting. During the break in the drawing, the charge is safely dislodged via a patented internal active discharge device within the machine.

27. What's the bar I am holding made of, and why do I need to hold it?

The bar is made of high-quality medical-grade titanium, and it is held in the palm of your hand or popped between your toes whilst circulating the applicator with the other hand in the direction of lymphatic flow. This set-up is required for the therapy to work. Alternatively, two applicators can be connected to the unit to work on either side of an affected lower limb or on each leg.

28. What does the deep oscillation personal intensity button mean? Does better treatment equate to increased intensity?

No, therapy can be administered effectively at low intensity. Initially, the therapist will increase the intensity to 80–90% and make adjustments as needed. A patient can set the intensity on the personal unit to suit their comfort levels.

29. If I stop moving the applicator, does the therapy stop?

Yes, the therapy will stop; it must be carried out in conjunction with movement. If the movement ceases, the therapy will also cease and resume when the movement resumes.

30. Are there any recognised negative effects of Deep Oscillation?

There are no known adverse effects of the therapy, and it doesn't interfere with any medications. It is ideal for use as a supplemental therapy in conjunction with physical therapy and physiotherapy during treatment with drugs. According to some patients' reports, urinary output may increase, and it has been subjectively reported to aid constipation.

31.  Is there a video I can watch to get an overview of Deep Oscillation? 

Yes, please click here https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/774711854


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