DEEP OSCILLATION® mentioned in Physiotherapy Reference Book in Orthopaedics and Traumatology





The completely revised edition (2017) of "Leitfaden Physiotherapie in der Orthopädie und Traumatologie" (Physiotherapy Reference Book in Orthopaedics and Traumatology; ed. Frank Diemer, Heiko Lowak and Volker Sutor) for the first time dedicates a full chapter to DEEP OSCILLATION®. Michael Seubert presents the effects of PHYSIOMED DEEP OSCILLATION®/HIVAMAT® in the section Physical Therapy and compares it with other established treatment forms.

The publication, which is regarded as a practice-oriented reference work for professional users, thus follows other standard books such as, for example, "Elektrotherapie, Licht- und Strahlentherapie" (Electrotherapy, Light and Radiation Therapy) by Frank-P. Bossert and Klaus Vogedes.


About the Author (s)




Frank Diemer, a sports instructor and physiotherapist, has been mainly trained in the field of manual therapeutic medicine and has been dealing with the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints for 20 years. For six years, he has been working with colleagues on a continuing education academy (FOMT: advanced training for orthopedic medicine and manual therapy and is here mainly a lecturer on the topic of medical training therapy. He also teaches at various universities and training centers for physiotherapy at home and abroad. His main focus is evidence-based practice, which is also reflected in numerous publications in physiotherapeutic journals.




Heiko Lowak, 1996 Education as a masseur and med. Bademeister at the Staatliche Berufsfachschule Munich, 1999 Education as physiotherapist at the Döpfer schools in Schwandorf, 2000 Studied bachelor of science at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, 2007 Studied Master of Science at Philipps University Marburg, since 2009 in his own physiotherapeutic practice in Karlsfeld near Munich, focusing on traumatology, orthopedics, gynecology. Since 2011 teaching at the "Heimere Berufsfachschule für Physiotherapie" (manual therapy and neurophysiology), since 2013 as an assistant in the apprenticeship training at FOMT Stuttgart.




Volker Sutor, physiotherapist (MSc, BSc) and sports instructor since 1996. Co-founder of the FOMT (advanced training for orthopedic medicine and manual therapy, Owner of several interdisciplinary therapy centers (Gesundheitsrondell,, specialist for manual therapy and physiotherapy on the device.