DEEP OSCILLATION® In the treatment of problematic pulmonary patients

With sincere thanks to Dr med. B. Scönleber & Dr. med. V. Stock - Head Physicians, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, St Josef-Kotzting (now Sana Hospital Bad Kötzting)

"After applying the HIVAMAT® 200 in several, especially problematic pulmonary patients, we confirm an absolutely positive therapeutic effect of the unit.  

In several cases, we observed additional secretory mobilisation and alleviated expectoration within 1-2 hours following treatment with HIVAMAT® 200 in comparison to our conventional medicinal and secretolytic procedures. 

In one case, when treated several times a day by the device in combination with physiotherapeutic applications and our other accompanying measures, an intubation and artificial respiration could be avoided.  For sure, the therapy is extremely pleasant for the patient but also from the point of view of treatment costs this is very interesting.

Physicians and Nurses reported a manifest improvement of the patient’s pulmonary situation in patients who were given artificial respiration, not immediately after treatment with HIVAMAT® 200, but medium term, especially by facilitated expectoration/suction of dissolved mucus.

We are very pleased that the device could be applied several times a day for the above-mentioned patient.

From the point of view of intensive care and anaesthesia we very much recommend the purchase of this device."

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage therapy gently permeates an 8cm depth through all tissue layers. It is applied with gloved hands as massage or via applicators which also enable self treatment.