DEEP OSCILLATION® In the treatment of chronic obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases, including cystic fibrosis and post surgical therapy (thoracic surgery)

With sincere thanks to The Department of Respiratory Tract Disease, Fachklinik Wangen im Allgäu, Germany.

"All patients, without exception, perceived HIVAMAT® 200 as very pleasant.  Objectively a significant relaxation and anti-spasmodic effect of individual muscle groups but also of the entire body was observed, which resulted in easier and deeper breathing and had no alleviating effect is dyspnea.

In the course of this relaxation

- In postsurgical therapy a faster mobilisation due to improved pain condition can be achieved (a faster wound healing could not be observed in the short observation period)

- In cystic fibrosis therapy a mucolytic effect was observed.

- In severe hardening of intercostal muscles and respiratory muscles a significant pain alleviation and antispasmodic effect was observed, which again, lead to easier and deeper breathing.

- In painful fractures of vertebrae and ribs (osteoporosis) significant pain alleviation made respiratory therapy possible.

In the seriously ill, those who no longer tolerate therapy, HIVAMAT® 200 often enabled an initiation of therapy."

  • Post thoracic surgery faster mobilisation was achieved due to improved pain condition when treated with the HIVAMAT 200. Therapy can be applied day one post operative.