This short video shows Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK, an 'Official FEI Permitted Equine Therapist' applying DEEP OSCILLATION® in equine.

On VetClick 29th October 2018



DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used in the UK on riding and performance horses with good effect, not only for cases of lymphatic incompetence, but also to speed up wound healing, tendon injuries, relieve fascial restrictions from over girthing, saddle sores, promoting smooth formation of scar tissue, etc. It is used in pre-event massage, increasing circulation, reducing muscular tension, improving flexibility and the delivery of nutrients. For post event massage; flushing out waste products have accumulated during an event and promoting fluid circulation, reducing inflammation.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is taught in equine in the UK by Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK. Gilliyan was the first to use in equine in 2007 and yesterday, her latest news was published in Vet Click.  Gilliyan is now an 'Official FEI Permitted Equine Therapist', news which brings the reputation of ETUK and their courses into the worldwide equine platform, great news for ETUK Graduates and Students!

On an international platform last weekend Dr Barbara Röder presented Deep Oscillation in Equine Respiratory Therapy At The 20th International Convention of The Swiss Association of Animal Physiotherapy (SVTPT) also published on VetClick Industry News 9th October 2018


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