Lambing season adds extra pressure on farmers bodies, in this interview with Stray FM, Yorkshire farmer Elaine feeds back on treatments, including DEEP OSCILLATION® which have helped reduced pain

Treatment with Pain Expert Nicky Snazell, BSc, BSc, MCSP, Fi STOP Consultant Physiotherapist in Spinal Pain, Fellow of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, International Lecturer in Pain and Health

Farmers often sacrifice their own health to ensure their animals are well fed and looked after and when the lambing season begins, involving heavy lifting, extra pressure is placed on the farmers body. Elaine a Yorkshire farmer was suffering with pain in her back, groin and legs, so much so, she was having difficulty putting the clutch to the floor in her car. Nicky Snazell used dry needling, DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy and electro acupuncture and achieved significant results in pain reduction.



"Lack of sleep, heaving lifting and being tripped up by lambs that insist on doing figures-of-eight around the ankles are just some of the things sheep farmers don't miss when the lambing season is over"

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