Deep Oscillation Recommended For Stage 3 and Selected Stage 2 Lipoedema Liposuction Patients

New article on LinkedIn Pulse Published 4th February 2020. "DEEP OSCILLATION® - Making The Difference in Surgery Aftercare" It's now 14 years since PhysioPod® UK Ltd introduced DEEP OSCILLATION® to the UK and Ireland as PHYSIOMED®’s exclusive distributors. DEEP OSCILLATION® is now utilised in many fields of application including wound care, MSK, respiratory, neurology, burns and in elite football and rugby clubs. Many private practitioners enjoy providing it to their clients and it is regularly used in NHS Lymphoedema services, where appropriate. Those living with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema also enjoy the benefits and flexibility of self-treatment at home with the personal unit after a successful treatment outcome with their MLD Therapist or Lymphoedema Nurse. Today, we are very excited to formally announce that leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Vasu Karri (internationally recognised specialist in Lipoedema and Lymphoedema surgery) is recommending that all Stage 3 and selected Stage 2 Lipoedema patients get deep oscillation therapy prior to Lipoedema liposuction because of the improved results.


Pre-Liposuction to lower limbs

Deep oscillation therapy enables liposuction to be performed more efficiently and with less trauma when applied pre-operatively. As liposuction is less traumatic, patients benefit from less bruising, post- operative pain and faster recovery.


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In contrast to externally applied mechanical forms of vibrational massage (which only act on the surface of the skin), deep oscillation works in the entire tissue layers, permeating a depth of 8 cm (Solangel, 2010), with clinically proven effects in the connective tissue structures. 


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The Karri Clinic – United Kingdom

The Karri Clinic is East Yorkshire’s newest, state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic, founded by leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Vasu Karri.

Mr Karri is an internationally recognised specialist in lipoedema and lymphoedema surgery.

Mr Karri is a pioneer in innovative day case plastic surgery and has devised techniques and anaesthetic protocols to minimise risks, speed up recovery and deliver superior results.

He now recommends all Stage 3 and selected Stage 2 Lipoedema patients get deep oscillation therapy prior to Lipoedema liposuction because of the improved results.

In the aforementioned patients, deep oscillation therapy serves to break-down or soften fibrosis, allowing liposuction to proceed with less trauma to the tissue. As a result, there is less bleeding, less bruising, less post-operative discomfort and quicker recovery. 

Pre-Liposuction treatment and device used

Mr Karri recommends his patients locate a therapist using deep oscillation either locally to them or visit the clinic which is close by to their clinic (2 miles away).

The breath-taking results achieved in the video are with just one 30 min treatment (15 mins per leg) on the day before surgery.

The pre-operative treatment guideline on the DEEP OSCILLATION Evident AESTHETICS, a deep oscillation device that PhysioPod UK offer, is:

100 Hz-120 Hz for 10 mins and 15-28 Hz 5 mins.

Mr Karri reports than an impressive 6.4 litres of fat were removed from his patient who suffers from Lipoedema.

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Deep oscillation is a unique, internationally patented treatment method. Its special structure allows you to create biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction.

The gentle, pleasant oscillations have a deep-acting effect on all tissue components (skin, connective tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels).

The following physiological effects of deep oscillation are clinically proven:

• Highly effective in reducing pain • Anti-inflammatory • Effective in reabsorbing oedema • Promoting wound healing • Anti-fibrotic 

Post plastic surgery and liposuction

Deep oscillation therapy has proven effects in post (plastic) surgery and liposuction interventions. It reduces pain and oedema, improves mobility and promotes wound healing among other effects. It has been used in this field around the globe for many years, e.g. after mastectomy or breast reconstruction. 
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Application methods of deep oscillation

  • The client holds a titanium bar; the therapist wears thin vinyl gloves and an electrode is attached to their arm. Both the electrode and the bar are connected to the machine. The oscillations act on the tissue segment undergoing treatment and the tissue is attracted and released between 5 and 250 times per second.
  • Alternatively, a special applicator can be used.
  • Techniques are not difficult and can be learnt during a user training by appropriately qualified therapists. Deep oscillation can be applied in any external location: face (including over eyelids), legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms etc.
  • Each body section is treated for 15 minutes. 3 sessions are recommended before and 3 sessions after a liposuction intervention. Minimum 5 sessions after plastic surgery.
  • For reasons of sterility (in open wounds, burns, ulcers etc), treatment is performed through sterile foil. 

Post liposuction and post plastic surgery treatment

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In post liposuction and post-surgery, it is recommended that patients undergo a 30 minute deep oscillation treatment (15 min per area) starting on the 1st day after the intervention.

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Who should look at this?

• Aesthetic Surgery clinics providing liposuction

• Clinics collaborating with Aesthetic Surgery clinics

• Clinics specialised in Lipoedema treatment

Taking it forward..

  • Aesthetic surgery clinics can introduce a new service to their customers: a pre and post-surgery treatment package. Adding Deep oscillation treatment into the package will not only make the intervention less traumatic and more efficient, it also promotes faster recovery for patients and significantly contributes to their quality of life.
  • A pre and post-surgery treatment package should consist of 3 x 30 min treatment sessions during the week before the procedure and 3 x 30 min treatment sessions during the two weeks after the procedure. 


  • A treatment room with couch
  • Qualified personnel for a total of 3 hours per package
  • Equipment (DEEP OSCILLATION Evident Aesthetics)
  • Optionally, DEEP OSCILLATION Personal devices can additionally be rented out to patients for self-treatment to continue treatment at home.
  • Alternative concept with a partner clinic
  • Aesthetic Surgery clinics which cannot or do not want to add this additional service can consider a partnership with a nearby clinic. We already co-operate with several Aesthetic Surgery clinics around the globe which use this concept, which is mutually beneficial. 
  • N.B. PhysioPod UK Limited hold a register of Deep Oscillation therapists on their website offering Deep Oscillation in the UK and Ireland and they recommend that if the patient undergoing liposuction has been diagnosed with Lipoedema AND secondary Lymphoedema, then only a qualified and registered MLD DLT Therapist carries out treatment.
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DEEP OSCILLATION® ... more than just a therapy!


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