Deep Oscillation 'A Revelation And Saviour To The Lymphoedema Self-Care Regime' Reports Sufferer

PhysioPod were delighted to receive this feedback in March from Lin who is managing her Lymphoedema with a good self care routine and the addition of Deep Oscillation #LymphoedemaAwareness

"I have developed a pretty comprehensive self-care package for me and my Lymphoedema. I row and swim almost every day at the gym, I wear my compression stockings and I make my own skin moisturisers. I also have a Manual lymphatic Drainage massage, once a month, though it really ought to be twice a month - if I could only afford it. 

My Lymphoedema is atypical, in that although following my first surgery for breast cancer 22 years ago, it affected my only arm, over the years it has become more generalised and difficult to manage, affecting first my trunk and now both legs (truncal oedema and limb oedema extending to limb root). 

Two years ago, I had a recurrence of breast cancer - some twenty years after the first. Following my mastectomy, the Lymphoedema became much more problematical, especially during the period immediately following when my activity levels were much reduced. 

Given that access to provision is pretty minimal in my area, with only one Macmillan Practitioner serving an area of 1600 sq. miles, at St. Catherine’s Hospice, regular treatments there are not an option. 

But I did manage to get CDT at the Wittlinger Lymphoedema Clinic in Austria (via the S2 route), which should be the first procedure; especially in complex cases like mine. 
It gave my self-care a good start and was a great boost to morale, because it brought back the levels of lymph back down to where self-management again seemed possible. I learned a great deal about the ongoing importance of self-management, and lots of trips and tricks regarding effective exercises.   

The addition of my Deep Oscillation Personal to the regime, however, has been a revelation and a real saviour. It is remarkable that after treatment, I can actually see how effective it has been. This may be the only instance in life where wrinkles are welcome!  The wrinkles indicate empty skin to me - I'm sure you know what I mean. I use it very third day on average and in ‘emergencies’ when I can feel things getting out of hand. It seems to take only relatively minor build ups before it becomes painful, but with the DOP I can stop it in its tracks. The response and relief are instantaneous.  


Check Up Results

On my last check up at the Lymphoedema Clinic at St Catherine’s Hospice, the subcutaneous tissues were soft and pitting, the limb shapes are near normal, my skin is in excellent condition. 
But the most amazing thing, I think, is the measured reduction in the bilateral limb volume since my last check up six months ago:

My right leg is reduced by 595 mls

My left leg is reduced by 327 mls

Though we didn't measure the trunk, the reduction there is visible too, and I can see and feel my ribs. 

As Tony Hancock probably would have said, ‘that's very nearly an armful!’  

Thank you for all your help


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