DEEP OSCILLATION®: A Modern Approach To Traditional Rehabilitation

Cathrine Gwitirwa, Specialist Breast Care & MLD Physiotherapist BSc Physiotherapy (Hons), MCSP, MLDuk, Vodder DLT (Austria)

On LinkedIn Pulse 28th Sept 2019


"I was first introduced to Deep Oscillation Therapy by Ilze Simey, a Chartered Physiotherapist and colleague who had written about Deep Oscillation therapy for HCA Magazine and was promoting her service to other hospitals within the HCA. 



I read the article with avid interest and made it my business to track her down because I was intrigued to learn more. Ilze told me deep oscillation therapy had worked wonders for her patients because it was very gentle and yet could work the entire depth of tissue layers with effects in the connective tissue. I was excited but she also said that I would need to also qualify in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to make the most impact with the therapy.

Taking Ilze’s advice, I qualified in Dr Vodder International Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy in 2015/2016. I was taught in Austria by Prof Hildegard Wittlinger.  Prof Wittlinger had also recommended Deep Oscillation for fibrosis treatment.

On my return, I invited Mary and Julie, the lovely Sisters and Directors of PhysioPod UK to present the therapy to myself and colleagues at The Princess Grace Hospital where I was working. I have now used Deep Oscillation for three years and I was honoured to win an award for innovation at the Princess Grace Hospital where I introduced Deep Oscillation as part of a new initiative to the Lymphoedema Service

I now use deep oscillation very successfully in my work at The London Breast Clinic and privately for home visits.

Instead of the traditional methods of rehabilitation treatment I had been used to, Deep Oscillation is like a breath of fresh air, it is delivered through vinyl gloved hands as electrostatic massage and permeates a depth of 8 cm, quickly reducing pain, swelling and bruising and getting patients rehabilitated in a much quicker time frame.

Deep oscillation really is a modern, effective way of treating clients, I have had success with with soft tissue complaints, scar tissue, fibrosis, aching arms, muscle fibrosis and I have had nothing but excellent client feedback/patient reported outcomes with its use. It integrates perfectly with physiotherapy, exercise therapy, post op advice and manual lymphatic drainage.


Based on the JohnsenRahbek effect in physics, an electrostatic field is created between the vinyl gloved hand of the therapist and the patient’s tissue.  The tissue is lifted and dropped between 5 and 200 times a second.  The vibrating, pumping effect of Deep Oscillation has the following positive effects on patients’ tissue: trophic enhancement, muscle relaxation, pain reduction, oedema reduction, inhibition of inflammation and enhancement of wound healing, non-invasively boosting the healing process.  The beauty of deep oscillation as a therapist is that I also get a treatment in my own hands and I don’t have to apply pressure to get remarkable results.  I am greatly looking forward to introducing it to new clients at The Light Centre


Cathrine Gwitirwa

Specialist Breast Care & MLD Physiotherapist BSc Physiotherapy (Hons), MCSP, MLDuk, Vodder DLT (Austria)