'The Sharks' South African United Rugby Championship Team Express Their Gratitude to PhysioPod UK

"Dear Mary It is with such a grateful heart that I write to say a massive thank you and shout out to yourself and Julie for helping our team with our Deep Oscillation machine...


As the Lead Physio for the South African United Rugby Championship team, The Sharks, we found ourselves on a 5-week rugby tour to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. One week into the tour our Deep Oscillation machine ‘just stopped working’, one morning it just wouldn’t switch on. When you know how much we use that modality, then one begins to understand what a blow this was to us, especially so early on in the Tour. More on this later.

I phoned our agents back in South Africa but they said there was nothing they could do, short of us sending it back home and then them sending it on to head office in Germany.

That was when I found yourselves and PhysioPod on the web and made contact - you helped fix the machine over the phone!

I know a lot of physios might be wondering what the big deal is, especially since there has been such a big move away from Electro-therapy and even Manual Therapy, with many physios nowadays relying on exercise therapy alone, and even more Twitter/ Instagram physios mocking any other form of intervention.

Well, let me say quite clearly, we use it and we use it a lot! I find it extremely helpful in the acute stages of quite a number of injuries from Rugby. Strains and sprains and haematomata are obviously very common in our game of contact and collision, and to have an intervention that is pain-reducing/swelling reducing and not painful to apply is exactly what is needed in these acute phases. We also use it extensively back home with our post-surgical injuries and have great success in reducing post-op swelling and pain.

We are aiming at obtaining the larger Clinical Unit one day but until then our mobile unit will be used each and every day for any number of our sporting injuries.

Once again a big thank you for all your help whilst we are on tour.

The Sharks thank you PhysioPod!

Kind Regards


Deane Macquet

Sharks Lead Physiotherapist

15th November 2021