Daily Self Treatment With DEEP OSCILLATION® Effectively Reducing Symptoms of Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema

More than one in five of breast cancer patients go on to develop breast cancer-related lymphoedema (BCRL) where swelling can occur in the arm, breast, or chest wall as a result of breast cancer surgery and/or radiation therapy. BCRL can negatively impact comfort, function, and quality of life. DEEP OSCILLATION, where appropriate, allows the sufferer an opportunity to maintain symptoms in the comfort of their own home and abroad due to its light, portable design.

The decision to invest in a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports was made after just 15 minutes of effective treatment from her MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner and she was delighted to offer feedback after the first 11 days of self-managing via applicator.


What happens when DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied?

In higher frequencies - Pain is significantly reduced. The bodies’ lymphatic drainage pathways are opened and activated. The therapy is breaking down the trapped cellular metabolic waste, including protein solids and abnormal fluid build up. This encourages the dispersal of hardened, fibrotic tissue.

In medium frequencies - Microcirculation in the interstitial spaces of the connective tissue is boosted, causing a relaxation of the tissues. The now collected, biological waste products start to move out to the lymph system for removal.

In lower frequencies  -Vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels) causes a slight lowering of blood pressure. A powerful, yet gentle, pumping action in these lower frequencies causes strong movement in the tissue. The re-instigation of freely flowing fluids encourages essential nutrients back to the tissue.

What are the clinically proven effects?

• Improvement of the body's natural ability to replenish its depleted supplies of nutrients

• Muscle relaxation

• Pain reduction

• Haematoma (Blood filled swelling/bruising) and microtrauma prophylaxis

• Oedema reduction (fluid/protein filled swelling)

• Improvement in tone (through muscle stimulation and relaxation)

• Inflammation inhibition

• Stimulates wound healing

• Movement facilitation

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Anti-fibrotic effect

• Reduction of skin irritation

• Detoxification

• Improvement in the tissue quality