Daily self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL SPORTS enables Amanda to keep her arm lymphoedema in check and continue with the leisure pursuits she enjoys..

"I developed lymphoedema in my left arm a year after having bilateral mastectomies and all the lymph nodes removed from under my left arm. I play golf and two racquet sports and am left-handed so it seemed it inevitable that it would probably happen...

arm lymphoedema

Lymphoedema of the arm is treated effectively with DEEP OSCILLATION® by therapist to sufferer via gloved hands




The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS with bespoke card enables easy daily self management of arm lymphoedema


".....Sleeves and various treatments at the clinic seemed the norm until they gave me an oscillation unit on loan for 3 weeks over last Christmas. It was a god-send and has made sporting activities enjoyable again.  I didn't really want to return it so decided to purchase one and it duly arrived last February.  I use it probably every other day - it only takes 20 minutes, so usually set it up in the evening with my feet up watching tv.
I now don't need to worry about how many times I play sport a week and I also find buying tops and dresses a joy again."

Amanda, Staffordshire.