Cystic Fibrosis with severe pulmonary involvement, baby aged 11 months

With thanks to PD. Dr. med. F. Riedel, St Josef-Hospital Bochum, Germany (now the Sana Hospital Bad Kötzting)

"Patient suffers from cystic fibrosis with severe pulmonary involvement.  The most important therapy measures in cystic fibrosis at this age are mobilisation of the tough mucus from the small bronchiae.  We have recently gained excellent experience with the physiotherapy device in babies and infants.  The therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® via the HIVAMAT® 200 evokes an intensive, deeply penetrating effect which cannot be achieved with manual therapy, it also helps to reduce treatment time.  The unit is easy to use and is well accepted by the parents who can also carry out the treatment.  During the patients stay in our clinic, the unit was applied with good success, i.e. increased expectoration of mucus and improved pulmonary condition.  We therefore see a medical indication to continue the therapy with the therapy in home treatment in order to avoid a deterioration of the disease."