Coco The Dog Supports "Sock it to Lymphoedema" Campaign

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) and The British Lymphology Society (BLS) are working together to promote the LSN's annual 'Sock it to lymphoedema’ campaign, in collaboration with their members in order to encourage them to raise awareness of the condition by wearing odd socks to ‘Sock it to lymphoedema’ during #LymphoedemaAwareness Week 4th - 10th March.

Amongst other activities LSN would like supporters to

"Film yourself, friends or family doing something funny, serious, exciting or mundane wearing odd socks in support of the ‘Sock it to lymphoedema’ campaign. Email your film to us at during February, so we can upload them onto our YouTube channel in the weeks leading up to awareness week or on World Lymphoedema Day on 6th March so we can share the fun.  Don’t forget to say ‘Sock it to lymphoedema’ and to also post your films onto your own Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and twitter feeds"

PhysioPod were delighted to engage Coco in filming in order to support the campaign. Coco thoroughly enjoyed her filming debut and is coping very well with her new found stardom! Not a stranger to helping good causes, in September 2016, Coco helped raise £700 walking 10k steps a day for Cancer Research


More "Sock it to Lymphoedema!" videos


A very entertaining video from Oxford Lymphoedema Practice!  OLP provide first class care for patients with all forms of lymphoedema and they specialise in supermicrosurgery; a minimally invasive treatment that is suitable for many patients with lymphoedema. 


Line dancing always looks so easy but the LSN trustees show us its actually not! Hilarious!


To read more about the


#SockIt Campaign 


in collaboration with BLS 


sock it


the lsn

The LSN's mission statement:

"The Lymphoedema Support Network represents, supports and empowers people affected by lymphoedema, promotes awareness of the condition and campaigns for appropriate, equitable treatment for all."

The LSN's aims:


  • To provide support for people with lymphoedema
  • To provide information about lymphoedema and its treatment
  • To work towards the availability of better national resources for lymphoedema treatment
  • To maintain contact with healthcare professionals working in lymphoedema management
  • To promote a network of support groups throughout the UK for people with lymphoedema


The LSN provides information and support to people with lymphoedema due to any cause and those 'at risk' of developing the condition.

An information and support telephone line is available between 9.30 - 4.30, Monday - Friday.

‘For many patients, this is the first opportunity they have had to speak to someone who understands the condition.’


BLS Postcards Download (PDF)