Clinical Report: Toddler treated with DEEP OSCILLATION® In The Diagnosis of Lobar Pneumonia

DEEP OSCILLATION® was applied as an alternative option to surgery, Jeanne Verster, Physiotherapist in South Africa was delighted with the results for her patient, as was the Mother who understandably wanted to avoid the surgical option.

Patient: Female, Toddler, Aged Two.

Paediatrician: Dr C T Kuzwayo

Practicing Hospital: Netcare Akasia Hospital

Address: Cnr. Heinrich Ave & Brits Rd, Karen Park,


Tel: +27 12 522 1000 Fax: +27 12 549 1032




Date: 30th September, 2014.

Patient presented with complaints of coughing and flem. Dr C T Kuzwayo requested a chest x-ray.  This was carried out by Dr Z I Ebrahim and revealed total consolidation of the right upper lobe.

Before and after X-Rays and Report from Physiotherapist can be downloaded here

On reviewing the results along with the clinical findings, Dr Kuzwayo decided that a biopsy should be performed in order to remove some of the congestion, and then to analyse and determine what procedure should be followed to remove the congestion; as the current protocol was not proving effective.  

The childs mother very reluctant to go forward with this course of action and asked what alternative option there was. Dr Kuzwayo suggested they try DEEP OSCILLATION® and if no change in 3 days, then they would have to operate.


Report From Clinician:

Jeanne Verster, Physiotherapist, PO Box 54625, Ninapark, 0156, PR 7222483, South Africa email


jeanne two

Jeanne Verster, Physiotherapist pictured with Zelda Greyling, Physiotherapist who also carried out treatments.

Treatment Plan: Commenced 1st October, 2014 and Completed 3rd October 2014

DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage therapy applied to patient via vinyl gloved hands method, electrode adhered to arm; patient holds titanium bar loosely in palm.  Both therapist and patient are connected to the device port holes via a spiral lead, this forms the three way connection required for the intermittent therapy to be delived.

Regularity:   Twice a day 

Duration: 20 minutes

No of Days: 3 consecutive days.

Frequency:   25 Hz - to 40 Hz 

Detail of treatment:  Patient lay on side with head in negative tilt for the first 10 minutes of treatment, followed by Fowlers position for 5 mins and then to Left Lateral side for the remaining 5 minutes of treatment time. Suction of the upper respiractory tract and nostrils was carried out.  The patient's cough was productive.


Follow Up X Ray 4th October, 2014


A follow up X Ray was performed by Dr M Naude to evaluate the condition.  The X Ray report revealed that the right upper lobe was cleared.  

Patient was treated for a further 2 days in hospital whereafter the patient was discharged.  The patient had a follow up at the rooms of Dr Kuzwayo and the condition was satisfactory.  There were no further complaints of coughing and/or flem.


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