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The Relaxation Experience
Chester Le Street

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Business opening hours: Monday to Sunday

Mobile therapy 




Clare Dunnett at The Relaxation Experience is one of two companies providing

Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) in the North East.



* Injuries: No 6-week wait. Treat immediately (50% healing rate).

A sports massage which resonates 8 cm deep via the therapists gloved hands. This is non-invasive with prolonged results and without any discomfort to the client (deep techniques added after DOT if necessary).

DOT is used for sports, rehabilitation and deep tissue but can also help with:

* Pre/Post-surgery:
- Boosts the immune system
- Improves the appearance of scar tissue, reduces tightness

* Anti-ageing:
- Produces the skins natural collagen.
- Lifts & tones i.e creating a sharper facial definition.
- Reduces cellulite.

* Facial Muscle Relaxant:
- Excellent is easing temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ / TMD).
- Dental anxieties

Other benefits of DOT:

* Safe working on arthritis
* Effective in reducing pain
* Anti-inflammatory
* Encourages wounds to heal
* Reduces fibrosis (scar tissue)
* Detoxification (riding the body of toxins, strengthening the immune system)

Other Treatments offered

  • Priadara Heated Thai-style
  • Therapeutic
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aroma-bliss facial
  • Deep Oscillation Facial Therapy

Other Clinics

Environment Agency Newcastle

Sweetheart Bakery, Blackhill, (Treatment Room Upstairs)

Qualifications/Courses Attended

  • IIHHT /VTCT, Body Massage Diploma (Advanced) Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • IIHHT /VTCT, Body Massage Certificate (Remedial/Therapeutic) Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • IIHHT / VTCT, Diploma in Reflexology Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • IIHHT /VTCT, Diploma in Aromatherapy Treatments Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • Level 2, VTCT, Depilation (Waxing) Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • Level 2, VTCT, Nail Treatments (Manicures & Pedicures) Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • CND SHELLAC, Nail Treatments (Manicures & Pedicures) Ellisons Academy, Birmingham
  • Priadara Thai-Style Massage (Heated compressions) Ellisons Academy, Glasgow
  • ITEC, Sports Diploma (Merit) Newcastle College, Newcastle
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy / Sports, Hivamat 200, PhysioPod, Nottingham
  • PhD Waxing Treatments Ellisons Academy, Glasgow
  • IIHT/VTCT, Level 3, Diploma in Indian Head Massage Cardonald College, Glasgow

Insured with IPTI - Membership number: 21368

Personal Profile

Clare is a fully insured therapist with 16 years experience, providing mobile visits, corporate bookings, gift vouchers and wellbeing parties. Every treatment is adapted to individual needs with the main objective of reducing aches and pains, re-educating posture, increasing flexibility and reducing risk of injury. As well as sports massage, there are a wide range of relaxation therapies available such as Aromatherapy Bliss or heated Thai Massage (using herbal compresses) helping with sleep, reducing stress and most importantly improving the immune system. First appointments receive a 20% introductory discount.

(Please note these are not valid on: special offers/gift vouchers, home visits where mileage is more than 8 miles from Newcastle city centre)

A full consultation and assessment is carried out before treatment commences. More information on Home visits/Corporate booking/Gift vouchers/Facebook 

Patient Feedback

"Clare visits my place of work, and my monthly sessions with her have been transformative - so relaxing, sorting out back and shoulder issues and such a treat. I've had a combination of the deep oscillation treatment and a massage - Clare uses the two techniques together to tackle issues, get deep into areas of tightness and help both relax and help. She's very kind and listens to concerns, is very experienced and knowledgeable - thanks again"


"Clare has been coming out to our home for over 6 years, and I cannot recommend her enough. My husband was always skeptical about this type of stuff but quickly changed his mind...His back has been never better. I suffer with hip and knee problems and always look forward to Clare’s visits which ease my pain. Clare is a good listener assesses and always knows where to treat and helps ease pain stuff as DOMS, when I’ve had a good gym session. After every treatment I always get a block nosed which is signs of riding the body of toxins. We use Clare every 4-6 weeks and is definitely worth a go for relaxing and easing pain"


"Just had a Deep Oscillation treatment with Clare for my shoulder and neck problems and can’t half feel the difference from only one treatment. I will definitely be booking another one and I would highly recommend Clare to anyone she is so professional and a very nice person"


"I love Clare’s deep oscillation treatments!! Really gets all those knots out of my shoulder. Can’t recommend it enough"



How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? 
What prompted you to buy?

"I had injured my thumb and was really scared me as it put me out of action for 2 weeks,  I received a DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment from a therapist in Edinburgh, it was fantastic .  DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment just blew me away and made me curious in wanting to know more, so I contacted Julie at PhysioPod™ UK Ltd.  From the moment I completed training, I just knew this therapy would suit my large clientele and also gain new interest in the therapies I offer at The Relaxation Experience" 

How did you find dealing with PhysioPod UK Limited?

"Very helpful"