Butternut Squash Related Trauma

by Christine Talbot SRN, MLD DLT Lymphoedema, Bowen & Deep Oscillation Practitioner


A sharp knife wound was sustained when cutting a butternut squash, which left a deep gash in the web of the left hand between thumb and forefinger, causing a significant loss of blood. The patient was seen in a minor injuries clinic, the wound was cleaned and the hand assessed for range of movement and joint flexibility. It was considered a miracle the tendon had not been severed.

Steri-Strips were applied to close the wound rather than stitches to create a neater scar, the hand was covered with a gauze bandage and the thumb immobilised in a hand splint. Advice given to remove the splint and bandage after twenty four hours and to keep the wound dry.

A sleepless night followed, due to the hand throbbing and swelling, possibly caused by the splint being too tight, the splint was removed the next morning revealing a very swollen hand. The thumb joint was stiff but had a full range of movement, the wound was reddened and raised.

Independent Post Care

The hand was cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and surgical spirit, sprayed with magnesium oil and a dry dressing applied.

The hand wound and forearm were treated from Day One with Deep Oscillation Personal and a red Laser pointer pen which were lent to the casualty for four days.


Day 4: wound is clean and closing well, Day 5: definite wound closure

Healing was rapid with no limb impairment

The young lady was back teaching all of her Les Mills fitness classes on Day Two and within five days was helping out in her husband's log yard, chopping and stacking wood and assisting with agricultural fencing.

Week 2: Good closure, advised to oil scar to hydrate/ease tightness -  Week 4 suitably healed and almost imperceptible

Practitioner conclusion

"Another clinical accolade to the quiet respectful healing properties and power of DEEP OSCILLATION combined with non-invasive laser therapy in independent post care"


What is Deep Oscillation?

DEEP OSCILLATION® is an internationally patented, proven technology based on the effects of creating an electrostatic field in the tissue of the patient. Easy application is from therapist to patient/client via hygienic, vinyl gloved hands; utilizing all normal massage movements or via circular movements over the tissue with a handheld applicator. The handheld applicator also enables self-treatment. Visit the DEEP OSCILLATION® product range

The special structure of DEEP OSCILLATION® allows the creation of biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. In contrast to other therapies, these pleasant oscillations have a gentle and deep-acting effect on all tissue components to an 8 cm depth (through skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels).

Because of the non-invasive, non-traumatic, gentle nature of this therapy, very early possibilities of application are possible following injury and from Day One post operatively. Chronic conditions can also be worked upon with effective results.

Learn more about DEEP OSCILLATION® biological and clinical effects

The following physiological effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® are clinically proven: 

  • Highly effective in reducing pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Effective in reabsorbing oedema (swelling)
  • Encouraging wounds to heal
  • Fibrosis Reduction
  • Improving trophicity
  • Rubor reduction (haematoma/bruising)
  • Detoxification
  • Improving quality of tissue

What is Low level laser therapy (LLLT)?

"Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of low energy laser light in injuries and wounds in order to improve wound healing, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. The laser light is monochromatic, coherent and in the red or near infrared spectrum (600 nm – 1000 nm). It is applied at low power density (1 mW to 500 mW/cm2) (“low energy laser”).

In contrast to other medical laser applications LLLT is not a thermal method (i.e. surgical lasers), but produces photochemical effects in the tissue in a similar way to photosynthesis in plants. LLLT is simple to use, effective and cost-efficient and free of side effects. Treatment takes a few minutes and depending on the indication is repeated at longer or shorter intervals and in accordance with healing success. The success of LLLT is based on the following general action principles: tissue regeneration, inhibition of inflammation, alleviation of pain, improvement in circulation, reduction in swelling" Low-Level-Laser-Therapy (LLLT) in Chronic Wounds - Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany


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