Bernadette Jukes (Bernie)

BSc Pt dip. SM

Candle Meadow
Colwick Park
Mobile 07753 281 311

Mobile available: 3 mile radius from city centre


Business opening hours:

Monday 10-8, Wednesday-Friday 10-8, Sunday 3-7


Treatments Available

sports massage and injury rehab, remedial massage, hot stone, pregnancy massage, Madero- therapy (wood therapy), ultrasound therapy, kinesio-taping

*Deep Oscillation Now Available

Deep Oscillation (where appropriate) can be used for:

Acute and chronic pain
Burns Healing
Cellulite (80% Grade 1 and 2 Cases)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic Oedema
Cording Post Breast Cancer Surgery
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Fracture healing (post traumatic)

Lymphoedema (Following MLD review - up and coming)
Natural Anti-Aging (dark circles, swollen eye lids, eye bags
skin improvement)
Pre and Post General Surgery
(including Endoprosthesis and Osteosynthesis)
Pre and Post Liposuction 

Pre and Post Plastic Surgery, Breast Reconstruction



Clinically proven DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic lymphatic drainage permeates an 8 cm depth without any pressure being applied, making it ideal in the acute injury stage and early post operative healing process. It significantly reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, improving range of motion and function. Pre and post operative therapy with deep oscillation shortens recovery time with smoother and less resultant scar tissue. Chronic conditions (including scar tissue/fibrosis) can be worked upon too and results can be achieved where other approaches have been unsuccessful. Check today if this would be suitable treatment for you. 



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           About Bernie

Berni is a compassionate and dedicated holistic, sports and lymphatic therapist focused on promoting wellness and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. With extensive training and experience in various holistic modalities, she aims to address underlying imbalances and empower individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being. Working on a number of injuries, ranging from sports injuries to general aches and pains, Berni also offers massage to help in relaxation and stress relief including during pregnancy. Deep Oscillation has been added to her skillset to provide powerful healing in a non invasive manner.