Ben Neves

Therapy In Motion

Therapy In Motion
Unit 12
Red Lion Court
Wilson Street
United Kingdom
HU10 7DA
Mobile 07960 329 690

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Business opening hours: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm



Therapies Available


Sports Massage




Auricular acupuncture 
Instrument assisted soft tissue massage (Iastm)
G5 vibration massage
Kinesio taping
Functional Fascial Taping (FFTi)


Mobile therapy offered up to a 20 mile radius


Relevant Qualifications

Sports massage therapy
FA diploma in the treatment of injury
Auric ulnar acupuncture 
Instrument assisted soft tissue massage
Kinesio taping
Functional Fascial taping
Reiki (Master level)




York College
Lilleshall FA Centre of Excellence 


Personal Profile


ben neves

Ben served in the British Army (Royal Signals) for fifteen years and then 10 years as a Police Constable in Hull. Having retrained as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist, Ben now sees himself as a facilitator of rehabilitation, care and treatment of injury, with a specific skill in removing pain and discomfort to allow active, pain free function no matter what the activity.




Pain reduction
Treatment of Injury
Sports Massage Therapy (Society of Sports Therapists) VTCT III
Swedish Body Massage 
Indian Head Massage
Thai Massage
Functional Fascial Energy Management
Mulligan Principles
Maitland techniques
Taping and strapping
Personal Trainer 
Nutrition and Weight Management 
Torso Training
Advanced Gym Instructor


Patient Testimonials


"I came to Ben with a calf injury and was told by friends about him. He made me feel very welcome and asked a lot of questions to find out what was the matter with my calf. After the first treatment, I had instant relief and wasn't in pain. Then after a couple more sessions my calf is going strong. Highly recommended going to Ben."

Josh Drinkall 

"I am 70years old and have been jogging for over 30 years, I've had all the related runners injuries but these last two years I've experienced aches and pains in both legs. Ben quickly diagnosed knots in my legs which in turn were pulling on my knee. After treatment which involved specialised equipment and massage my legs are a lot better"

David Walmsley



"Having had lower back pain for 10 years and problems with my hip for 5, I had spent thousands on physio - to no avail. The first session with Ben COMPLETELY removed the pain from my hip. 4 sessions in and the back pain and stiffness I can't remember NOT having, is starting to ease! Ben keeps you very well educated on your treatment progression, and is definitely the most effective therapist out of the 20+ I have tried.

"Since experiencing a whiplash two years ago, I have been constantly suffering with shoulder pains which further affected my lower back and hip. Over the last few weeks I couldn't even sit down,which affected my job-fitness instructor and the pain was getting worse by the day. However, just after two appointments with Ben, I can again sit down for hours and exercise the same way as I used to, which put the smile back on my face :). I've been very pleased with the outcome and can genuinely recommend Ben's treatments, as they stopped the pain. Definitely worthy! Many thanks" 

"If you have an injury or pain, all I can say is you MUST go see Ben! He really does know what he's talking about and I can't recommend him enough. I was diagnosed with M.E last year and have had a lot of pain, it hurt to breathe and Ben instantly cured this with a taping technique. I had swollen lymph node glands for months that were sore and painful which also caused tension and head aches, another thing that Ben sorted. I only wish I had found him sooner and ended my suffering earlier, feel like I have my life back at the moment. If and when I relapse I know I can return for his expertise" 

"I have been struggling with migraines on and off for the past ten years. After just one treatment with Ben I noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms. If you are a migraine sufferer I would definitely recommend Ben"


fhtFederation of Holistic Therapists Member