At the beginning of September Alan took delivery of a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports to use on his painful feet

Last week PhysioPod received this update - it's good news all the way.

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sports for self management at home and abroad of pain and swelling

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"Hi Julie

I am conscious that I haven't yet told you how I am getting on!

You need to speak to Jayne my wife to confirm this.

For several years the pains in my feet have been getting worse to the stage that I have been crippled with pain and unable to walk more than 50 yards without stopping for several minutes, as for gardening, I had to get Jayne to cut the lawns and even pottering about meant sitting down every 30 minutes to rest my feet before continuing.

Since using the machine, which I took with me on holiday to San Francisco and Las Vegas it enabled me to walk miles all be it with occasional stops to recover.

Since returning from holiday I have continued to use the physiopod at least 3 times a week and this weekend not only did we walk 3 to 4 miles along the sides Lady Bower Reservoir nr Sheffield without a single stop but on  Sunday spent some 6 hours in the garden without a break and without pain.

I have also removed the 'shoe socks' from all of my shoes that was supposed to give 'arch support' which all of the 'professionals insisted that I needed but which crippled me and will now continue to rely solely on the physiopod.

I am now experimenting on my other aches and pains and will keep you informed of the progress.

Many thanks and kindest regards