AQUA - A Medical Mystery - Created and Photographed by GEMMA LEVINE Published on 15 October 2020 at £15

PRESS RELEASE POINT: "AQUA is a unique and illuminating way for people to understand the lymphatic system. Each photograph is a different representation of water, accompanied by captions from Professor Peter Mortimer, Lymphatics expert at St George’s Hospital, London, to explain the biology behind the condition. All proceeds from book sales go to Lymphoedema research, in partnership with St George’s Hospital Charity. Foreword by PROFESSOR PETER MORTIMER MD FRCP, Preface by DAME JUDI DENCH, Endorsed by The Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON"



September 9, 2020 - /PressReleasePoint/ - In 2010, leading photographer GEMMA LEVINE was diagnosed with breast cancer; after months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she made a full recovery, but discovered a swelling in her right arm. This was the beginning of a life with Lymphoedema, a chronic and debilitating disease. Caused by damage to the lymphatic system during surgery, cancer treatment or injury, or inherited, it is a build up of fluid in the body tissues. As a result of the disease, Gemma’s right arm does not function. Her right arm has restrictive movement and she is constantly bound in a compression sleeve. From the moment she contracted the disease her life changed dramatically. Instantly unable to use her cameras and photography equipment, she now relies upon a much lighter iPad and iPhone to combat her disability and enable her to continue her career.

About Gemma Levine:


Since the mid 1970s, Gemma Levine has been photographing the British Establishment in her signature black-and-white style. Her photographs are regularly reproduced in newspapers and magazines and several have become iconic. Her portrait of Diana was chosen by the Palace as the Princess’s official photograph of 1995 and some of her portraits of prime ministers and other famous British personalities are featured in the National Portrait Gallery.

With a gift for creating unobtrusive settings that reflect the individual style of her sitters, Gemma Levine’s career has encompassed hundreds of encounters with the most well-known and fascinating people in Britain. As Sir John Gielgud said, ‘It is an unexpected pleasure to submit oneself to an artist whom one can relax with on such easy terms and whose pictures are so successfully expressive.’ Her unique relationship with the sculptor Henry Moore led her to create intimate photographs of his working practices over a ten-year period, until his death in 1986. These insightful and personal images documenting his creative process are now held at Tate Britain, where Gemma Levine lectures on the sculptor, providing invaluable insights into his work during his later years. Through the years from 1974-1978 she photographed the landscape of Israel and its people, including Menachim Begin, Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. Gemma has also published 22 books and had 60 exhibitions, including a celebration of 25 years of her work at the National Portrait Gallery in 2001. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Gemma has worked solidly to raise awareness for lymphoedema research
Published a book “Let’s Talk Lymphoedema “ with co author Professor Peter Mortimer .
Publisher Elliott& Thompson.


“SOCK WEEK” For LSN. Appeared on BBC TV and interviewed on radio .

Introduced Dame Judi Dench to LSN . Now an  Honorary Member .

Arranged a CONCERT  performed at The Rudolph Steiner Hall with American pianist Jeffrey Siegel. Funds raised for LSN .

Became Trustee of Lymphoedema Research Fund Charity.

Commissioned and obtained sponsorship for Brian Daniels  to write a play titled “ Let’s Talk Lymphoedema “  ( from the book 2014)

Designed CHRISTMAS ( Greetings) card for Lymphoedema Research. Sold 10,00O
Was given a launch at Fortnum & Mason . GOH Dame Judi Dench .

Introduced LSN to a BBC link to ‘Radio 4 Appeal’.

Introduced Dame Judi Dench to be Honorary Member of LE&RN .USA

“BLISSFUL ISOLATION“ a book to raise awareness for Lymphoedema. Repeated in a French  publication “ Let’s Leave a Trace.’ IPSEN Foundation.

“ AQUA “ a book to raise awareness and funds for Lymphoedema Research for  UK and USA . Preface Dame Judi Dench . Endorsed by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. ( Funded by sponsors) 

ZOOM lectures on my life with Lymphoedema. UK and USA

Made honorary member of LE&RN USA ,

For further information, a review copy or to request an interview, please contact Gemma on 07957 244475 or
To purchase a copy of the book please contact Helena Copsey at St George’s Hospital on 07841 447620 or visit


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