Andrea Wright, MCSP at Hands-On Physiotherapy Shares Patient Chronic Pain Results Using DEEP OSCILLATION®

Andrea Wright MCSP has been using DEEP OSCILLATION® at Hands-On Physiotherapy for 12 months. She first discovered its benefits at The PhysioFirst Conference 2014 when DEEP OSCILLATION® was applied to a tricep long head strain. She left the stand pain free and the following day was able to lift her arm above her head. Andrea was so impressed with the speed of her recovery that she arranged for a full demo at her clinic and has used DEEP OSCILLATION® ever since. Andrea kindly forwarded this testimonial from a happy patient.

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Patient Testimonial Received From:


Hands on Physiotherapy


"I was so lucky when I discovered Hands on Physiotherapy. I had been in chronic pain for months, benefitting less and less from medication, struggling with side effects, and finding everyday life more and more of an effort.

Following discussions of my physiology and medical history (very complicated!), Andrea decided the DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy approach. Gradually over the following weeks, together with a very basic and simple exercise regime, improvement became very marked.


deep oscillation pull up

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a non invasive, gentle therapy applied through vinyl gloved hands, it is very effective for acute and chronic pain, it has the added benefit that no pressure is required to achieve effective results.




After 6 sessions (one a week) I would say my improvement was around 50% and after a total of 10 I'm off all medication and gradually increasing my exercise regime.

I'm now seeing Andrea once a month but hope that this will become less frequent as I gradually take over managing my condition with increased regular exercise.

If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I'd be dancing the night away, I would never have believed them - so thank you Andrea."

JS, Macclesfield


About Andrea Wright, MCSP


Andrea Wright CSP

Andrea Wright, founding director, qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist, from Sheffield City Polytechnic, in 1988 and worked at Wythenshawe Hospital for 13 years. She has worked primarily with musculoskeletal conditions and worked with Sale and Manchester Rugby teams in the 1990’s. She has attended many post-graduate courses including kinetic control stability modules, orthopaedic medicine, the MACP course, and Muscle Energy Techniques. Andrea has worked as a clinical specialist in the management of non-surgical LBP patients. She left the NHS in 2001 to expand work at Hands-On Physiotherapy. Andrea has particular interests in the cause and treatment of back pain, occupational health issues and soft tissue injuries related to racquet sports. She has recently completed a course in kinesiology taping.