Amy Jones

A J Sports & Equine Therapy
3 Kirkby Avenue
United Kingdom

Mobile 07834875180

  • Services available across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, call Amy today to arrange an appointment on Mobile 07834875180

  • Amy Jones is delighted to be working with DEEP OSCILLATION®, which she describes as an 'amazing product'.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used in the UK on riding and performance horses with good effect, not only for cases of lymphatic incompetence, but also to speed up wound healing, tendon injuries, relieve fascial restrictions from overgirthing, saddle sores, promoting smooth formation of scar tissue, etc. It is used for Pre-Event Massage, increasing circulation, reducing muscular tension, improving flexibility and the delivery of nutrients. For Post Event massage; flushing out waste products have accumulated during an event and promoting fluid circulation, reducing inflammation.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® is gentle and relaxing, yet deeply effective for alleviation of pain, reduction of swelling and resorption of haematoma's.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® is applicable over implanted pins and plates, can be applied day one post operatively and reaches an 8cm depth.

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Business Opening Hours:  7 days a week

On street parking available


Equine Services


Full Diagnostic Assessment

Full Body Massage And Stretch Program


Aloe Vera Forever Equine Supplier


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Full Body Massage With Initial Assessment


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Areas covered for mobile therapy:


Covering the whole of the East Midlands, South Yorkshire etc. Happy to travel up to 2 hours from my address if more than one booking, mileage may be added. 


Personal Profile


"I have a passion for horses and their wellbeing. Working with horses has been a lifelong dream, which I have made a reality. I believe horses can tell us how to work with them and help them if we listen carefully to them. Personally I have seen great benefit to horses I have treated and I take great pride in the work I do.  I am working with Springwood Riding Club this season.  Initially DEEP OSCILLATION® was recommended to me by Gillian Carter-Morgan and I am extremely excited to be involved with DEEP OSCILLATION® and its application in the UK, it is such an amazing product, working with PhysioPod™ UK Ltd has been a fantastic experience."


Relevant Qualifications


Sports Therapy Level 3 

Equine Sports And Remedial Massage Diploma

Courses Attended

Electrotherapy With Professor Timothy Watson
Tissue Repair And Therapy Intervention 

CRB Checked


Training completed at Equi-Therapy UK