A Swiss Perspective - "Why Practitioners Should Add Deep Oscillation"

PhysioPod recently shared an article with their Swiss distribution partner, Sven Widmer of Fritac, which included a graphic of 49 Deep Oscillation references broken down into clinical effects (below). Sven shares the passion of non-invasive Deep Oscillation and duly forwarded his thoughts from a 'Swiss Perspective':




"Hi Mary and Julie

It looks good, but on top of your chart it says "Why should I look into Deep Oscillation? (DO)"

 Some points I'd like to add, from a Swiss perspective, if I may be so bold?

  • Firstly and most importantly, because patients love the sensation and the reduction of pain with Deep Oscillation
  • The ability to use Deep Oscillation in self-care is crucial for most people living with chronic conditions
  • It is such a gentle, soothing treatment and it does not hurt in any way
  • DO treatment often results in the reduction of pain medication, and so, prevents the ensuing side effects of such

It works! Many times, even when doctors diagnose "no further treatment option available", DO still may help to improve quality of life. Even in palliative care with consultants approval.

In Switzerland, many insurances decide to grant benefits based only on whether the principles of effectiveness, expediency and economic efficiency are met. We have a customer who has been able to, over a year, reduce pain medication injections because of DO treatment. He had been having one injection, from 7 to 10 days intervals, second injection from 7 to 14 days interval. Taken into consideration that medication for Polyarthrosis had been at approx. £350 per injection, the insurance company would save 44 injections equating to roughly £15,400. So even if the insurance company had paid for a device they'd a) save lots of money, b) encourage the patient by taking their needs seriously and c) enable self-treatment in-between clinic appointments improving patient care."


Sven O. WIDMER, CEO of Fritac Medizintechnik AG Switzerland, since 2011.

Sven has initiated and has been the driving force behind the website:  tiefenoszillation.ch dedicated to Deep Oscillation, DO patient information flyers and the DOPVT for canine and equine application.


Thank you Sven - valid and important points - PhysioPod UK