A Convert to Deep Oscillation

"I will admit that I am a recent convert to the use of Deep Oscillation. Coming from an academic background I needed to see the evidence from case reports and studies before I committed to buying a unit. I must say that it was a very worthwhile purchase, especially during times when we cannot see patients as regularly as we would like. 


Speaking to my patients they have reported back to me that they feel a sense of wellbeing during treatment, and it is relaxing. Following treatment many find a reduction in pain (especially for those with Lipoedema). I have also found that the effects of MLD are enhanced and the reduction in swelling is maintained for longer. The benefits become more apparent following initial assessment and intensive treatment when the patient’s condition is more stable.  For many patients this is a plus, during our busy lives not having to come every week but being able to delay subsequent appointments by a week or more is possible. "


Susan Knight

SRN, MSc, BSc (Hons), QN

Mobile 07774 192 742