A Practitioner Review

"I have been using the Deep Oscillation Therapy on my clients since the beginning of Summer 2021 and have really enjoyed using it. I find that it works well with my scar work clients, especially those whose scars are very sensitive to touch and pressure.  It works deeply and softens up the scars in a short period of time, which accelerates the benefits of the manual work I do afterwards....


Many of my clients are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions that mean that deep manual work is often too painful.  Using the deep oscillation machine allows deep work to occur without causing any undue pain or distress.  My clients find that it really relieves their pain and allows for better and more functional movements. This allows for further manual treatment to be done because their body is not in so much pain and can move more freely.   

I really like working with the deep oscillation machine and find it a great tool in my massage practice."
Dana Allen
Wholesome Hands
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