The Karri Clinic: A Never Ending Approach to Perfection - Improving Patient Outcomes With Deep Oscillation

The Karri Clinic are always looking at ways to improve their patient experience and the surgical journey. With this in mind, Mr Karri is continually analysing his surgery technique and spends a lot of time working with his colleagues to ensure he provides not only the safest environment for surgery, but surgery which ensures the best outcome for each individual patient. He continues to travel around the world and is always keen to refine and adapt his techniques in line with the the advances in medicine and medical equipment.



Pre Surgery Deep Oscillation Treatment

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The Karri Clinic encourage patient feedback and always use it to improve what they do. When a pre op patient takes their advice and has a course of Deep Oscillation Therapy (non-invasive, electrostatic massage - right>>) before their surgery and the results are amazing, then the clinic love to share it with their patients and the community. In this short video following, Mr Karri talks about his next surgery and the impact that Deep Oscillation Therapy has had on his Stage 3 Lipoedema patient.


Post Surgery Update:

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"The surgery has finished and Mr Karri has extracted a total of 8.2L of fat. You can see how the legs are deflated and the skin is loose, this is entirely normal. The fat being removed from this Stage 3 Lipoedema Patient was made somewhat easier as she had a course of Deep Oscillation Therapy before surgery. This is great for those women who are at this stage of the disease, as it reduces fibrosis and as such prepares the tissues for surgery. It is a great therapy for all patients with Lipoedema regardless if they are going to have surgery or not. We know this patient will be delighted with her results and will heal quicker due to the Deep Oscillation Therapy"


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DEEP OSCILLATION® as opposed to externally applied, mechanical forms of massage therapy (e.g. vibration acting on the surface of the skin) Deep Oscillation works through the entire tissue layers including the connective tissue to a depth of 8cm (Solangel, 2010). Delivered via the vinyl-gloved hands of the Practitioner as a massage, the biologically effective oscillations work in the tissue segment undergoing treatment. DEEP OSCILLATION® is a non-invasive, non-traumatic treatment which is very well received by patients. Because of it’s gentle application it is a unique treatment for acute and chronic injury, and day one post-operative. 

How does Deep Oscillation help Lipoedema patients (pre and post op)


Since Deep Oscillation possesses anti-oedema, lymph drainage, anti-fibrosis and detoxifying properties, it prepares the tissue for liposuction, makes liposuction more effective and durable and protects against adverse effects of the body sculpting procedure.

Post Operatively

Because it can be used at a very early post-operative stage, the healing process is accelerated, reduced pain, bruising and swelling, scar quality is improved, and local inflammation is inhibited and stopped over a sustained period.

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The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL - ask about hire options for pre and post surgery self care

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Surgery isn't for everyone with Lipoedema, wrote The Karri Clinic on 18th June, 2019..

"There is a myth that if you see a Lipoedema Specialist you must go ahead with surgery. Nothing could be further from the truth and here at The Karri Clinic, we pride ourselves in giving patients the information and the best options for them at their stage of the disease. Surgery isn’t always the answer, for example if your not in pain and your mobility isn’t affected then we have a ‘wait and see’ approach. Also, we currently do not operate on any patients who are Stage One and are asymptomatic (no symptoms).

We do see Lipoedema Patients who cannot afford surgery and we understand that, but for so many the diagnosis is enough. Patients tell us of years going to the GP, not being listened to, being told to go away and lose weight/diet, so you can understand why getting that diagnosis and finally being listened to is so powerful.

Mr Karri will spend the consultation time discussing your symptoms, taking a health history, examining you, checking for the signs of Lipoedema and diagnosing you. Surgery is just one of the options but is not for everyone. We can also recommend lifestyle changes and other approaches to manage the disease (MLDDeep Oscillation Therapy etc. ) 

The point to take away is that each patient is different and we treat each and every Lipoedema patient as such. No size fits all.


The Karri Clinic also featured Deep Oscillation in June 2018, as part of their Lipoedema Awareness Campaign..

"Here at The Karri Clinic, we carry out liposuction for lipoedema, but we’re aware that many patients opt to try numerous non-surgical procedures in order to relieve pre and post-surgery pain or discomfort. We are privileged to work daily with lots of talented healthcare professionals who offer alternative, non-surgical therapies that help lipoedema sufferers. As part of our Lipoedema Awareness Month, we’ve tried to shine a light on all sorts of ways lipoedema sufferers can help themselves to live a less painful life. We spoke to Mary Fickling, an expert in Deep Oscillation therapy who co-directs and runs PhysioPod UK with her Sister Julie Soroczyn, and asked if she could provide us with more details of this unique, non-invasive massage therapy.

Mary, how did you come to specialise in Deep Oscillation? read full article here

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For more information email or visit website

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