By Michelle Ellis, Chair of Lipoedema Ladies - Post Lipoedema Liposuction Successful Rehabilitation with DEEP OSCILLATION®

DEEP OSCILLATION® helps with pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising and breakdown of stubborn fibrosis. After liposuction or any surgical procedure it can be applied in the early post surgical period, resulting in less and smoother scar tissue and promotion of a dynamic wound healing. Naturally boosting the bodies natural healing process, it allows a quicker overview of results and a speedier return to normal activity.

 Press Release Point, 15.09.2015


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I am lucky enough to know Julie and Mary who run the company PhysioPod™ UK Ltd through the support group I run for ladies with Lipoedema; Lipoedema Ladies. DEEP OSCILLATION® was exhibited at our Big Meet and I was very lucky to get to have one of the taster massages they offer to our ladies during their time with us. I can only describe the feeling as a gentle buzzing, not one bit painful and rather enjoyable when part of a Simple Lymphatic Massage. I felt benefits of a lighter feeling in my legs and less pain after just this taster session. I didn’t know why or how… only that I liked what it did to my legs.  A few weeks later, I had my 6 monthly appointment at the Lymphoedema Clinic and they had acquired a HIVAMAT® 200 for use in clinic, I didn’t need asking twice if I would like to ‘try’ this treatment. I relished my 3 sessions at the clinic and indeed my nurse could see a positive difference in my skin colour and sensitivity. Due to lack of staff and appointments the 3 sessions were to be my lot. I could only hope that my upcoming liposuction would lessen my reliance on an overstretched NHS service.

my lippy history





2007 Diagnosed with Lipoedema and given compression to wear at Leeds clinic.

November 2014 Diagnosed as Stage 3 Lipo-Lymphoedema by Dr Stutz in Germany.

March 2015 Medical Liposuction to my inner legs to improve my poor gait & save my knees.

April  2015 Medical Liposuction to remove bulk from my legs to alleviate pressure & pain.


I have spent many years researching Lipoedema, the treatments and medical papers before I made the decision that Dr Stutz and WAL would to be the way forward for me.


I did not overlook my recovery and after more research and personal experiences trialling therapies that are available to boost healing and also care for the lymphatic system, I turned to PhysioPod™ UK Ltd and their DEEP OSCILLATION® Machine.

I knew from experience that DEEP OSCILLATION® didn’t hurt, I could not say the same of some other lymph boosting machines I tried. I fully expected pain from the liposuction procedure itself, but I could not face using a therapy that could cause more pain or discomfort on top of my post surgical pain. I wanted to be as kind and as gentle as I could to my legs, to give them the best possible chance to adjust to the changes and still heal in a timely manner to appease my demanding young family.



The HIVAMAT® 200


I loaned a HIVAMAT® 200 machine from PhysioPod™ UK Ltd with a view to buying the smaller and more refined personal DEEP OSCILLATION® machine unit. I started the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy 7 days after my liposuction. For the first week it is a requirement of the procedure to wear ankle to waist compression continuously without removal, you even shower in the garment. I do have a compromised lymphatic system and have lymphedema diagnosed in my right leg so I have worn knee high compression garments for many years. I had never found full length that was comfortable enough to wear day in - day out.

As mentioned previously I have lymphatic impairement in my right leg, so consequently I have worn knee high compression stockings for many years. The compression given post surgery is from ankle to waist, it does not cover or compress the foot, therefore my right ankle and foot were severely swollen and deformed.

Here is where the DEEP OSCILLATION® machine really shows its worth. After one treatment the skin felt less tight on my foot and ankle, after the second the tissues were less swollen. Every treatment after it continued to improve in the same manner, after 12-14 days it was back to (my) normal. I used the machine 2-3 times a day in the first week and 1-2 times a day there after. It really helped my legs mend and recover after the liposuction. I have hypermobility and the accompanying thin skin that takes it time to heal, I think the DEEP OSCILLATION® machine helped my healing. I know for certain sure it resolved my swollen ankle and foot, and then kept it stable until I could start wearing my knee highs under the compression leggings.












The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS designed for self management, ideal to take as hand luggage


I have my next liposuction session in November, this time it is my arms being treated. I will have with me the very portable DEEP OSCILLATION® personal unit.

The personal unit is small and light enough for my hand luggage, so perfect for my greatest times of need – air travel. The added benefit of being able to choose another programme to treat different conditions that a member of my family might have, and forgoing a trip to a specialist is wonderful.


DEEP OSCILLATION® through the tissue layers to a clinically proven depth of 8cm


do layers


DEEP OSCILLATION®, developed by Physiomed Elektromedizin in Germany is an internationally patented therapeutic design which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations up to an 8cm depth (see diagram). Observed physiological effects of the therapy include oedema resorption - Jahr S Et Al (2008) The therapy also limits the production of inflammatory mediators, especially during the treatment for chronic pain and more so during the treatment of fibromyalgia - Janik, H. et al (2010) strengthening of the cutaneous tissues - Korkina Et Al (2007), stimulation of the wound healing process Mikhalchik E, Et Al (2005), Trybulski R (2008).